Wednesday, June 11, 2014

E3 2014: Nintendo Presentation

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Nintendo jumped into the E3 arena and caused a huge splash. They showed fans what they plan to offer in 2014 and 2015. There was a lot revealed. I personally enjoyed thier presentation because it had funny clay animations and they actually had fun making fun of themselves. Nintendo's presentation was smart and for that I tip my hat to them.

Zelda Wii U 2015. Yes you heard correctly. Nintendo announced  a Zelda game coming to the Wii U in 2015. We were given a beautiful cut screen and I was amazed at how awesome the game looked. The detail was truly breath taking. I'm excited.

We had a Yoshi Game presented. He appears to be made out of yarn and the world is full of yarn. It looks a fun world that we have come to expect from Nintendo. We saw a flash of Pokemon and some footage from the new Kirby.

I am sure many fans jumped up when we saw a clip from Bayonetta as well as Xenoblade Chronicles. I believe many fans were excited to see Bayonetta and learn that Bayonetta 1 will be released as well with the Wii U.

For the Smash Bros fans, you are now able to play with your Mii and have the ability to bring in outside characters to fight with a figurine. I know that sounds confusing but think of the figurines of Disney Infinity. It reminds me of that type of integration. It is called Amiibo which are character figurines designed to connect and interact with compatible games. Also we were introduced to Palatena as a new character as well as Pac-Man. Nintendo announced the 3DS version will be released October 3rd and the Wii U version will be released Holiday 2014. 

We also got to see a great shooter game. I was surprised at the take on a shooter. The game is called Splatoon. It will be released in 2015. Essentially you use an ink gun to layer the board and you work with your teammates to ink everything. Such a cool concept, and I cannot wait to play. Nintendo also presented briefly the Mario Maker gamer for 2015. In this game you can make your own Mario level by adding pipes, walls, koopas, etc.

I will be honest. I was always on the fence when it came to Hyrule Warriors (Zelda and Dynasty Warriors Mash-up), but Nintendo has now made me a believer. Seeing more information about it helped make it more realistic to me and I believe that it will be a great game that will be added to the Nintendo library.

Now we have seen all of the Big 3 Presenters. So who did you think did it best? Plus what are you excited for about Nintendo?

S/N Phoenix Wright and Professor Layton game will finally be released for the US on August 29th, 2014!

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