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The 100 S1, Ep. 13 "We are Grounders: Pt 2" Recap

Season Finale: Show stars with the camp preparing to go. Bellamy does not want to leave but Clarke is determined to get them to leave. The camp starts to make their way to the shore. They are sadly attacked in the forest and have to run back to the camp. In the end they decide to stand and fight. They quickly realize that taking a stand at the camp is not enough and Clarke comes up with the idea to use the escape pod to take off effectively burning up the grounders. On the Ark the remaining survivors are being shown how they will land on earth and realize that they have to try as it is their only chance to live.

Raven is still recovering from being shot and no longer can feel her legs. Clarke checks her and notes that the bullet is in her spine and that she has internal bleeding. On the Ark, they are beginning the separation sequence and the remote sequence failed. Someone has to launch manually. Kane volunteers to stay and do the manual ignition despite Abby urging him not to. Emotional moment - Abby grabs his hand as he walks away everyone grabs his hand as he walks down the hall. As he is walking the ark breaks apart. Turns out the Chancellor Jaha snuck away and did it. Raven and Clarke have a silly heart to heart. Murphy is being tortured and the grounders have his walkie talkie so the grounders know all communications and plan to finally attack.  They come in numbers and a hand to hand battle ensues. Finn is on a mission to find medicine to slow the bleeding for Raven, he finds Lincoln and they work together to get the reapers involved in the war.  During the battle they see the ark come down. Parts begin to explode and kill some people. The battle is ragind on and its a blood bath.  Octavia leaves with Lincoln as he can help her as she has an arrow in her. Bellamy and Octavia have an emotional moment.

The Wall has been breached. Finn sees Bellamy fighting and losing and runs to help him. Finn and Bellamy are left on the outside of the escape pod as they close it. They do the launch and the grounders are burnt up in a pretty graphic way. Abby and her station landed safely. She is amazed at how beautiful the earth looks. The chancellor is happy to know that he got his people to Earth. He pops a bottle in celebration. Throughout  the whole episode as everyone is separated they say, "May we meet again".

The camp opens the escape pod to see ashes and bones. Gas is thrown over the wall by the Mountain Men. They have guns and lasers with gas masks. They camp is knocked out by the gas. Clarke wakes up and is clean in a sterile environment. She has an IV that she ripped out and is seen on a monitor - Reminds me of Resident Evil when Alice wakes up. Clarke notices Monty and sees a sign that they are in a the Mountain Quarantine Ward.  End

My Thoughts: Overall great first season. I was not going to watch this show but somehow I have found myself sucked in. It was so well done and I look forward to season 2. Seeing Abby and Kane on the ground was wonderful and it should be interesting to see her fight her way to her daughter. I like that the Mountain Men are apparently advanced and you must wonder why the grounders are afraid of them. How is there a pocket of society that is advanced while the other half is not? Makes you question if the nuclear war was as bad as they say and if there is more to the story. 

Next season will be great! I cannot wait. What are you looking forward to in the next season?

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