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Teen Wolf S4, Ep. 2 "117" Recap

Important Moments: Episode starts with a flash back of Young Derek and Peter. Peter helps Derek to control the wolf and he begins chanting. He is holding a pendant as a way to focuss. Present Day - We see Kate trying to control her change. The unsuspecting gas attendant comes face to face with Kate who looks odd and has stripes.Were-Jaguar!!!! Scooby Gang takes young Derek to Deaton who has no idea what to do. Lydia offers to stay as Stiles and Scott head home. Scott sneaks home and his dad is sleeping on the couch and Scott has to lie his way out of missing dinner. Derek finally wakes up and he sees Deaton and Lydia as these weird red things and swipes at Deaton then takes off.

Enjoying the fun banter in the Kara's father class. Moments like these enhance Teen Wolf. They believe Derek returned to his house as he is not aware of the fire. He is there when a couple of cops show up. Of coarse one is a douche and ends up using a stun gun on Derek. Derek finds himself cuffed at the police station. Mr. Stilinski sees him and realizes that it is young Derek. Mr. Stilinski says that he is done if they can time travel. Poor Mr. Stilinski. I love it. Scott lies to Derek about his family. Great girl talk moment between Lydia and Kara at the gas station where we say Kate. Lydia is there because she finds the body of the attendant which is mutilated.

Malia decides to be back up for Scott as he confronts Peter. Stiles and Derek settle in for dinner with Mr. McCall. Malia finally meets Peter. Peter realizes that Kate is still alive. Peter fills in Scott that Derek used to date Kate. Derek finds out the truth about his family from Mr. McCall and demands to speak with Scott. They figure out Kate changed Derek back to the time that he knew and trusted her. Stiles sees Kate take Derek. Lydia takes pics of the crime scene for Scott. Frankly what part of do not disturb the crime scene do they not understand. Ewwww adult Kate kisses Derek. That is just wrong! There is a vault under the sign of the high school that Derek helps Kate into. Malia, Scott, and Peter finally come face to face with a beserker. They run away from it. Slow motion running and they still find themselves caged in by the berserkers. Peter shows up to see Derek and Kate. Turns out the pendant means nothing it is more of Dumbo's magic feather in terms of helping one focus and control the change. Derek runs off to help Scott. Kara shows up wielding her sword and tries to fight the berserkers but ends up on the ground with Scott and Malia.

Corny moment - when Peter yells "Let's get angry" at Kate before they are flash banged by someone else. Someone walks into the vault and takes a suitcase while Peter is laying helpless. Peter tells Lydia and Stiles that he was robbed of 117 million dollars worth of bonds. Say what! Well now we know what 117 means.

Derek shows up to help the Scooby Gang. Derek fights the bersekers and is doing awesome. As he is fighting he is changing back and forth between his older self and the younger one. Derek is officially back to his old self with yellow eyes.

My Thoughts: Great episode again! Okay so we have Wolves, Coyotes, Foxes, and now Jaguars. What else is out there?  I am scared to see. Well based on the preview for next week we will be introduced to more weird things and a new guy on the lacrosse team that is obviously something. 

My only problem with the episode is that they made Young Derek grow up so fast. I wanted the younger version to stick around for at least a few more episodes. I believe they could have did more with his character. Now he has yellow eyes. I wonder why? 

Now that Malia has finally met Peter, I wonder where that is going to go. She is very much an independent person and will not be led by Peter so he needs to let that idea go. Also is it just me or did Peter bulk up over the break. He almost has no neck now. 

So what are your thoughts on this week's episode?

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