Friday, July 4, 2014

Battleblock Theater review

Okay, so where do I start? 
First goes first, this game is superb, nearly every thing is this game, spells fun. There's not a lot of games that do that now, which makes me appreciate this game even more. The game is a platformer, you can walk, (double) jump, punch, slide, and collect special gadgets and gizmos to fend off any enemies you fight in the game (mainly cats). The game play itself is very fun with Stampers narrations. This makes the game so much more fun as it is. You may know Stamper from OneyNG on YouTube, he sprinkles fun on top this sundae of joyfulness.

Now to main gameplay, (I've spent 5 hours on this and I'm not near done yet so expect this as a perfect time waster) Each level, there are a few enemies, there may be cats, bear raccoon-things, missilebot-things, laser cannons, and lastly, water. I'm guessing, like many protagonists, you can't swim, so water is instant death within contact. You have infinite lives, but may lose score because you didn't complete the level in enough time. In the levels you have gems, you need at least 3 to pass the level, for you completionists, there can be up to 7 gems hidden in a level, along with a ball of yarn (because cats, you know?). Gems you get can unlock prisoners at 10 a piece (which can give you new varieties of characters), and more weapons cost 5 balls of yarn.
Just a little info, my character is a pug, with a nerf gun. And that's made the game even more amazing for me.

The music in the game is amazingly awesome. I keep whistling the menu theme without me noticing, and the music itself is funny. Just check out the song for secret rooms!

Pretty funny huh? When I first found a secret room, I was freaking out when I heard this, I loved it, and I still do :D

Overall, I'd give the game a 9/10, because it's fun, original, and music is great. I'm not giving it a 10 because it didn't exactly WOW me, it's a calm game that is enjoyable, and that's hard to find these days.

BTW, this game will be free on Xbox Live in July, so make sure you enjoy it while it lasts.

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