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Teen Wolf S4, Ep. 5 "I.E.D." Review

Show starts with a blonde running from the school. She is bleeding and has had her hand cut off. She is being hunted by Violet and Garrett is able to kill her. Stiles starts his board of death. Stiles and Scott tell Mr. Stilinski about the hit list. They believe there are two more keys and Lydia is working to decipher the rest of the list. They believe that the numbers will add up to 117 million dollars. Liam has to play against his old school. Derek meets with Liam in the locker room. It was a test in which Liam failed because he becomes angry quite easily. Derek lets Scott know that he will be good at being an Alpha. Lydia is still not able to figure out the list. Malia suggests calling on Meredith who is another banshee. 

Stiles tries to persuade Kira and Scott to stop the game but they decide to go forward. Violet and Garrett are going after Liam during the game. Liam reveals that he was diagnosed with Intermittent Explosive Disorder aka IED. There they go revealing why they named an episode. Liam is able to tell Scott and Stiles who paid for the keg. Meredith shows up at the police station she was heading to the high school to find Lydia. Great moment between Liam and Mason. It made me smile. Derek takes Mr. Argent to their underground vault. Argent plans to take Kate to a werewolf jail. Derek has been losing his powers and wants to figure out why. 

Game time! Liam loses it and the other team scores a point. Lydia and Malia show up to the police station to talk to Lydia. Kira gets to play in the game for the first time and scores. Meredith gives the number 2436. They yell at her that it is not a phone number but she stays firm that is the number they need for help. Argent is prepping his weapons when Araya Calavera shows up. She is able to break him down and have him do the chant "We hunt those that hunt us".

Malia believes the numbers are actually letters. Lydia deciphers it and types in the name Aiden and comes up with more of the list. The guy that Liam was going up against, Brett, was a werewolf and ends up being confronted by Violet after being infected by Garrett's Blade. Scott rushes to the locker room and sees Brett still alive. Violet makes a try for Scott but finds herself overpowered and knocked out. Lydia notices that Deputy Parrish is on the list as well. 

My Thoughts: So the key to break the codes have been Allison and Aiden so far. They are two that have died tragically due to supernatural crap. That makes you stop to think who the last name will be. It has be someone who has died on the show. Who do you think the last name will be? I think based on the names that the Benefactor may not be a human but in fact supernatural. Is he clearing the area of supernaturals to make way for himself?

I do not think Argent has gone back over to the not caring hunter side. I think he may have a plan in order to get Kate. Derek is losing his powers. OMG! What did Kate do to him. Is he going to become human? He was a born werewolf so will he just die? So many questions.

S/N: What do you think Parrish is? Is that why he is so accepting of Lydia and her powers?

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