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Teen Wolf S4, Ep.4 "The Benefactor" Review

Derek and Mr. Stilinski are at the crime scene. Derek notes that he can smell the blood and fear of a young male. Scott has Liam in his bathroom duct taped. Stiles realizes that Scott bit and kidnapped Liam. They sit down to tell Liam what the bite might mean. Liam makes a run for it and they pull a three stooges moment by falling down the stairs. Liam gets away. Peter walks into the loft and takes an axe to the chest from the Mute. Stiles is fitting the chains on Malia and Mr. Stilinski walks in. Awkward moment. He decides to just walk away. Scooby Gang is going to the Lake House and will be inviting Liam to a party at the house. Peter is okay but Derek must use fire on him to heal up the wound in his chest. 

Scooby Gang finds out Liam was kicked out of his last school for destroying his teacher's car. Apparently he has anger issues. Deputy lets Mr. Stilinski know that the glove on the mute was military and modified. They hack into the computer and see a message from the Benefactor and realize that the Mute is an assasin. Lydia now has to host a party while everyone else is off managing their change. Kira and Scott work on handling Liam which results in Kira having to knock him out. Stiles is locking up Malia. Turns out the guy who brought the keg to the party is a werewolf he is able to calm himself and then gets beheaded by some chick. She takes a pic and walks away to join the party. She goes to hook up with some guy at the party who has a text from the Benefactor saying the money has been transferred. WTF! 

Lydia sees a freshmen gong upstaris. All you hear is music but you cannot hear them speak. She drops a glass of wine. When the door shuts she realizes she cannot hear the noise downstairs. It is a sound proof room. She appears to be having a weird banshee moment. She starts to play a record and sees weird faces start to come out the wall. Kira and Scott slow dance and kiss at the boat house while they babysit Liam. Liam breaks the chains and takes off. Malia's chains start to break and she tells him to run. Stiles is able to talk Malia into control and she hugs him in thanks. 

Mr. Stilinski and Derek are in the school and they realize it was a trap for Derek by the Mute. Derek and Mr. Stilinski fight and subdue the Mute but Peter comes out of nowhere and attacks the Mute. Peter turns him into meat. Scott is chasing after Liam. Scott is caught by Liam but is saved by Mr. Argent. Great music! Great moment. I had to smile! 

The sound that Liam was hearing were hunter traps. Liam is trapped. Mr. Argent points out that Liam is his Beta and he needs to take care of it. Kira finds Lydia. She can hear the key to break the code. Lydia uses her computer and the key is Allison's. It lists all the supernaturals in Beacon Hills. It is a deadpool and they are all on it. Liam talks to Scott. He begins to pour his heart out. Scott stands up and tells Liam he is not a monster but a werewolf. Epic music! Great motivation moment.

My Thoughts: 

Okay wow! I really think we have not met the Benefactor to date and I do not believe they are tied to Kate. I looked over the list and I wonder who some of these other names especially with the larger numbers next to their names. Okay, theory time - I think Argent will be upset that Kate alive but will try to be there for her. I think he does not want to lose any more of his family. 

I think Scott working with Liam will really be helpful. I think he can finally help Liam to learn control. I like that Scott did not use his Alpha power to control Liam but rather stood up as a man to talk to Liam. He wants Liam to know that he is a human first. I really need for Lydia to start to learn all her Banshee powers. I am tired of them learning things after the fact. It is time for her to learn about herself. 

S/N When is someone going to tell Malia about Peter being her father?

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