Sunday, August 24, 2014

Teen Wolf S4, Ep, 10 "Monstrous" Recap

Important Moments: Show starts with a woman being and man being chased. There are arrows flying and they end up in the middle of the football field. Kira jumps out of nowhere and slashes all the arrows and tells the couple to run. Stiles is in the hospital recovering. Stiles has the tape from Mrs. Martin and asks for a tape player from Mrs. McCall. Mr. Stilinski is trying to interrogate Meredith. Lydia questions if she is competent enough to be charged. They realize they need to stop the money not just the dead pool. Wolves are now hanging out at the vet shop. Kira and Scott have a moment. Argent kicks in a door at some undisclosed location and had awesome music as he takes out a couple of people. He finds a yellow flower and is staring at it. Malis walks in to visit Stiles at the hospital. It is a little awkward and sad between them. The door is locked by Mrs. McCall. Which gives Stiles and Malia a chance to talk things out. It is so cute as they start to hook up. Argent is walking again and opening a safe with awesome music behind him. He puts the yellow plant in the safe and then notices boot prints. Scott brings the pack to Argent's.

Stiles and Malia are listening to the tape of Lydia's grandmother. Lydia is interrogating Meredith or my like talking at her. Meredith breaks her silence by saying she wanted to help. She says she will talk but only to Peter Hale. Malia can hear the record player in the background. They believed Lorraine predicted the dead pool and they think there is a way to stop it at the lake house. Scott calls Braedan and Derek to help protect the pack. Peter sits down to talk to Meredith who touches his face. Meredith is amazed that his burns are all gone. They met before. Peter does not remember meeting Meredith. She claims he told her to keep it a secret. He uses his claws to see her memories. 

Flash back to Meredith after the experiment that Lydia's grandmother did. Lydia can understand the gibberish that Meredith is speaking. Meredith was in the same hospital as Peter. Meredith could hear every thought in his head. Peter talked about the fire and getting revenge. Peter wanted to take out all of the supernatural and will hire the professionals. He mentions names and the desert wolf as possible assassins. He says how he will use the money. Peter breaks the link. It was Peter's idea the whole time and he didn't even know it. Back at the lake house, Stiles gives up on the record player and stops playing it. Malia says she can still hear something else spinning. Stiles finds another cord in the wall. He begins pulling it and tearing apart the wall. They find another room with tapes running. Standoff at the warehouse. Everyone is fighting the hunters that have become hired guns. 

Mr. Stilinski wants to shoot Peter. Lydia says it is no use and to let Peter go. Mr. Stilinski says that's twice and there will not be a third. Meredith starts screaming that it is not finished. Malia and Stiles realize to stop the dead pool they need a key. They are able to find the key in a wine bottle with the help of Lydia. It is the same wine that she spilled on the floor the night of the party. Scott starts to kill the guy that was about to shoot a wolf and his face starts to change making him even more of a monster. Everything stops and there is a phone ringing on the guy. Scott reads it and shows him. It says that the contracts have been terminated by the benefactor. Back at the police station Lydia asks Meredith if she is okay. Meredith put her name on the list because she heard Lydia scream. She knew it was the right time to start over. She believes that Peter is an Alpha and will make it right. Meredith believes she is a monster.  Lydia says not all monsters do monstrous things. (There's the name of the episode). Lydia touches Meredith face and says oh god what did she done. Peter is talking to Kate. Peter is nervous and he says that everything did not work as predicted. Kate questions if he wants to bail on the plan. Peter says no because he is so close to killing Scott McCall. 

My Thoughts: Great show with a lot of stuff happening. We now know that the benefactor was an old computer and Meredith listening to the rantings of Peter. Well done Teen Wolf. We know that Peter wants to kill Scott to become Alpha. I do not think it will work this way since Scott is a True Alpha. It might not work the same. 

I wonder what Meredith saw when she touched Lydia. This show is so great and it is well thought out. So we still have to see the show down with Peter and Scott. We still need to know what Kate did to Derek and if it can be reversed. I cannot wait to see where the show goes. 

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