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Teen Wolf S4, Ep. 7 "Weaponized" Recap

Important Moments: Episode starts in a lab with a werewolf that appears to be experimented on and dying. A guy plays a tape from the benefactor on how to receive payment for killing. Stiles does not believe that they should give the money Scott found back to Derek because it will go back to Peter. Derek decides to take Braeden to the hospital. Deaton is attacked at the shelter by Satomi but it is more for show. Lydia's mom finds that the coach is passed out drunk. Apparently he has been 15 years sober but fell off the wagon. The scooby gang is taking the PSATs. Mrs. Martin notices one of the girls has a weird rash growing on her arm. She checks the coach and finds the same rash. She promptly calls the CDC. (In the wake of the craziness that is the Ebola virus, this makes me slightly uncomfortable). 

The CDC shuts down the school. That's a bit silly. What about the others that were exposed prior to the test. The guy from the beginning is administering the test and is beyond creepy. Satomi brought in a werewolf that is sick. Deaton takes the wolf to Mrs. McCall. There is a virus designed to kill werewolves. Scott is now infected and can no longer control himself because of the infection. It is distemper that is weaponized to hurt werewolves. Welp, that is the reason for the name of the episode. 

Lydia is back at the lake house with all of Meredith's belongings. She spreads out all the stuff and begins to play the creepy record. She begins talking to the record as if she is talking to Meredith. Lydia apologizes for not helping Meredith. She however notices a picture of Meredith that appears to have been taken in the room that Lydia is in at the lake house. Scott and Malia are having problems controlling the wolf. They all decide to hide in the Hale vault. I am not sure that is the smartest move. Deaton and Mrs. McCall work on getting an antidote. Stiles takes great care of Malia. He is able to figure out that it is another assassin. Lydia shows up saying that someone will die in the school. The cure to the sickness is in the vault. It is a very rare tea that Satomi used to drink with Derek's mother. 

All the humans are waking up and seem to be doing a lot better. The assassin has the gun up to Stiles head. He wants him to tell him where the rest of the Scooby Gang is. As he is about to shoot Stiles in the head, he ends up shot in head by Mr. McCall in a hazmat suit. Satomi and Derek about to leave the hospital as an assassin comes out of the elevator shooting. Satomi is smooth and cool and kills the girl. Stiles breaks down outside of the vault door as he cannot get in to get the antidote to his friends. It is quite emotional as you have Scott on one side of the door and Stiles on the other. Scott is able to work up enough strength to knock the jar off the shelf. They all inhale the fumes from the jar. Everyone is healed but Malia is upset with Stiles for not telling her about Peter. She sees her name on the list with her last name being Hale.

My Thoughts: Okay so we who is the benefactor? We still do not know but I hope that they do not make it someone lame. We have constant references to Derek's mother. Are we sure that she is really dead?

Lydia and Meredith were both at the lake house. I hope that we get more of Meredith's story. How long has the lake house been in Lydia's family. Are we sure Meredith isn't related somehow? Lydia really needs to do more research about being a banshee. She needs to learn really what she is. I look forward to next week's episode. 

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