Tuesday, August 5, 2014

True Blood S7 Ep.7 “May Be The Last Time”

Recap: Sarah’s sister slips and tells Pam and Eric that Sarah is the cure to Hep-V.  Eric kills her when she won’t tell them where Sarah is.  Mr. Gus locates Sarah.  Sarah has been hallucinating and thinks that her past lovers are haunting her. 

Andy and Holly go looking for Adilyn and Wade.  Meanwhile, Adilyn and Wade are left to experiment in Violet’s house full of sex toys.  Andy blames himself for Adilyn running away.  Later, Violet ties Adilyn and Wade up to lure Jessica to her. 

Bill’s Hep-V virus is spreading fast.  Sookie refuses to accept that Bill is dying.  Bill has flashbacks of when his father was dying and his marriage was arranged.  Sookie brings Dr. Ludwig to Bill’s house.  Dr. Ludwig hurries out of there when she realizes Sookie is related to Niall.  Sookie tries to get answers about her family line from Niall.  He tells her that magic cannot heal Bill.  Sookie vows to stay by Bill’s side. 

Hoyt returns to Bon Temps with his girlfriend.  Jason joins them for breakfast at Bellefleur’s.  He still doesn’t remember Jason since he was glamoured to forget.  Jason takes them to see Hoyt’s mother’s body.  He lies and tells Hoyt that his mother was not one of the vigilantes.  

Sam discusses the thought of leaving Bon Temps with Arlene.  Lettie  Mae and Lafayette start digging in the front yard of her old house.

Review: Violet’s revenge plan is starting to take form.  I figured Sookie would end up sleeping with Bill again.  I guess they think it may be the last time since he is dying.  I wonder if there is really anything to find where Lafayette and Lettie Mae are digging.

This week’s episode dragged on a bit.  Can Violet get her revenge already?!

My question this week is: Is anyone else kind of over Sookie and Bill?

Please let me know what your comments or thoughts are.

Veronica Fitzpatrick
Twitter: @RonnieLauren

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