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Teen Wolf S4, ep. 8 "Time of Death" Recap

Important Moments: Episode starts with Malia and Stiles trying to sleep in the bed. It results in Malia spooning Stiles. It is quite funny. Then Stiles wakes up realizing that it is not real and he is alone. Mr. McCall is doing his report at the police station. Scott waits at the police station for him. Mr. McCall has to go back to San Francisco for a review. There is foreshadowing as McCall says that it is hard to take a man's life. McCall says that when he gets back he wants to know the secret. Stiles, Liam, Kira, and Scott work on a plan to get the benefactor to come to him. Hospital - Liam's father is shocking someone and calls the death. The body on the table is Scott's.

Braeden and Derek are at the loft. She notices that Derek is not healing and his eyes cannot change. Kira, Scott, Liam, and Kira's mother at at Scott's house. She is showing Kira how to make Scott mimic death. Kira puts her hand on his chest and shocks him. At the hospital Mrs. McCall is freaking out. Great show! Mrs. McCall is in on the plan. She is able to feel his heartbeat. 

Stiles and Argent reach out to the benefactor saying Scott is dead. They type back and forth with the benefactor until Argent threatens him. Braeden plans to teach Derek how to be a human and fight against the supernatural. Scott is in a dream state. He finds himself at the high school. He sees Liam and follows him a classroom. Of coarse the lights are flickering to add the spooky factor. Scott sees the Mute killing Liam.

Malia is in the Hale vault. She gets a call from Stiles and ignores it. She opens a safe with her name on it. In walks Peter. Lydia is at the boat house. In walks her mother. Mrs. Martin questions what Lydia is doing at the home. Lydia shows her mother the picture of Meredith and she knows her. Liam is back again and Scott is looking at his fangs and realizing he has more teeth. He questions if he is evolving and the Mute kills Liam again. 

Hospital Kira and Liam run on the roof questioning what happened to the system at the hospital and run into a berserker. Kira is knocked out and thinks back to before Scott is shocked. They are in bed talking about what their first date will be. Argent is walking the halls and Stiles stays with Scott's body. Braeden shows Derek how to use a gun. She is showing him up and the sexual tension is nice. They hook up. Stiles is calling Argent. Argent is thrown through the doors and in walks Kate. Kate says she wants the body but is not the benefactor. She refuses to say why she wants the body. Malia questions why Peter is a murderer. Malia questions as to why his name is not on the list. He claims that he is not the benefactor. Peter is looking for Malia's mother as the memory was stolen from him by his sister. He knows that she is referred to as a desert wolf which is another name for a coyote.  

Mrs. Martin pulls out the ashes of her mother in law. They believed she was crazy because she said she heard things. Lydia's grandmother requested for Lydia to spread her ashes across the lake when she turned 18. The urn is not filled with her grandmother's ashes but rather mountain ash. The whole boat house is made with mountain ash. Argent begs for Kate to take the berserkers and leave as they have a plan. Scott is still in his dream state and the Mute is showing him how to kill Liam. He starts hacking away at him and looks sinsister covered in his blood. Kira brings him back to life. The beserkeer hurt Kira's mother really badly. Kate meets with Peter and says Scott is still alive who says thank God. 

Malia shows up to Stiles's house. Stiles tells Malia that she may be related to Peter but she is not like him. Malia is worried that she is going to turn out just like Peter. She walks out. Derek wakes up with Braeden by his side. Kira and Scott are at this house. Kira's mother will be okay. Kira plans to go be with her mother who was transported to a hospital in Palo Alto. Scott thinks the plan did work. He says who doesn't need to see a visual confirmation to know that someone is dead. A banshee. Lydia reads a note from her grandmother. Lydia questions whether her grandmother is really dead. The letter is in the same code that the list was in. Apparently the letter was the last thing that she wrote before her death.

My Thoughts: I had the chance to flesh out my thoughts with a friend from work. He had his theories and I had mine and here is what we came up with. 

First wow so Lydia's grandmother is still alive. I do not believe she is the benefactor it would be too easy. I think she may be held captive by the benefactor who is using her powers. She knew what was going to happen and wrote the letter for Lydia for a reason. I also have a theory as to why Peter is not on the list. I think because he already died he may not be considered alive according to a banshee and therefore is not on the list. 

What are your theories? 

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