Wednesday, August 13, 2014

True Blood S7 Ep.8 “Almost Home”

Recap: Eric drinks from Sarah to heal from the Hep-V virus.  Mr. Gus discusses his plan to make a continuous profit from the Hep-V cure with Pam and Eric.  Sookie goes to Eric and Mr. Gus to get the cure for Bill.  Mr. Gus directs his men to kill her.  Eric pretends to glamour her to save her life.  Sookie finds Sarah, but she doesn’t tell her that she is the cure.  Sookie has to learn this from reading her mind.  Sookie leaves her in captivity instead of saving her.  She goes to get Bill and brings him to Sarah.  Bill refuses to drink from Sarah.  

Lafayette and Lettie Mae continue to dig to look for whatever Tara is trying to show them. They convince the reverend to help them. They get a glimpse of the abuse the family endured at the hands of Tara’s father.  It is revealed that Tara was going to shoot her father when she was a child, but instead she buried the gun.  When Lettie Mae finds the buried gun, Tara tells her that she is sorry for not pulling the trigger.  Lettie Mae apologizes for her actions.  Tara tells her to forgive herself.  

Jason goes to Violet’s house to rescue Jessica, Adilyn, and Wade.  He ends up getting captured himself.  Hoyt rescues them all and kills Violet.  Hoyt falls in love with Jessica… again. 

Review: Violet’s revenge plan was ruined.  It figures…  Hoyt ends up being the hero and falls in love with Jessica again.  That was pretty funny.  Finally, Lafayette and Lettie Mae find what Tara has been trying to show them..  I guess I expected more than that. What’s the deal with Bill?  Does he really want to die because he sees no future of a real family with Sookie?  

As usual, everything revolves around Sookie I guess. 

My question this week is: Is Bill going to die?

Please let me know what your comments or thoughts are.

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