Sunday, August 17, 2014

True Blood S7 Ep.9 “Love Is to Die”

Recap: Bill refuses to drink from Sarah and says that he chooses to die. Bill releases Jessica.  Sookie and Jessica find out that Sam left and they let everyone else know.  Everyone is gathered at Bellefleur’s for dinner.  Later, Eric tries to convince Bill to live for Sookie’s sake.  Bill explains that dying is the only way he set Sookie free.  Eric tells Sookie that she needs to talk to Bill.  Ginger finally gets her wish when Eric says he will have sex with her.  Pam gets herself in trouble when she plots to sell Sarah’s blood.  Eric is forced to admit that Sookie knows about Sarah’s blood.  Bill goes to Sookie’s house. 

Hoyt and Bridget argue about him not wanting to have kids.  She questions him about Jessica and of course, Jessica shows up.  Jessica starts to tell Hoyt about their past.  Bridget tells him that if he continues to listen, it’s over between them.  He walks out on Bridget.  Bridget calls Jason to come get her.  When Jason arrives, Hoyt punches him because Jessica has told him everyone that happened between the three of them.  Bridget drives Jason back to his house.  Jason tells Bridget about Hoyt and Jessica.  Hoyt and Jessica sleep together.  Jason and Bridget lay in the same bed, but don’t have sex.  They end up just talking.

Review: That “almost sex scene” with Eric and Ginger was not sexy at all.  I was cracking up.  Nice to see Hoyt and Jessica back together again.  Jason may have finally learned how to just be friends with a woman. With only one episode left, I guess it doesn’t really matter what happens.

Let’s just add to the body count.

My question this week is: Will Bill finally die next week?  One episode left! 

Please let me know what your comments or thoughts are.

Veronica Fitzpatrick
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