Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Teen Wolf S4, Ep. 11 "A Promise to the Dead"

Show starts with a creepy guy with a body bag. He is dragging the body into a fridge with all the other bodies. The person in the bag is still alive and he appears to be a serial killer. Deaton shows up and fights the guy. I love fighting in the beginning of the episode. The guy will be going back to the crazy house. Apparently there is a floor with killers that are supernatural. He decides to speak with a Dr. Valack. Deaton wants to know about Kate Argent and what is happening about Derek. The guy drilled a whole into his forehead. He asks Deaton to come closer and take a look. There is an eye in there. Eww! Scott gets home and his Mom finds the money in the gym bag. He finally tells his Mom that he was keeping the money for her. There is one that has blood on it. Very symbolic. Liam and Mason are playing a video game. Liam begs his friend not to leave but then says it is okay. He does not want to be alone. Liam has problems sleeping and keeps seeing the berserker. 

Derek is in bed with Braeden and an alarm starts to go off. She is in sexy lingerie and he is hot and shirtless. They grab guns and are confronted by Lydia at the door who does her banshee scream. Malia is trying to wake up Stiles. She decides to kiss him awake. Awe! On Stiles's board he has the question asking about the Desert Wolf. Derek says he is not angry about Scott keeping the money for as long as he did. Scott says he knows about Lydia and that Deaton is working on finding out what happened to Derek. Deaton is in a coma at the crazy house. He wakes up in an alternate world and looks like he is on the path to figure out what happened to Derek. Liam is having flashbacks to the berserker fight while bench pressing. Scott shows up to help and tells Liam to not push his friends away. Argent is down in the sewers tracking Kate but finds Peter and a berserker. 

Scott brings Kira to Derek's loft. He has her use her powers to turn on the lights. He has it set up in a bunch of light bulbs which is all romantic. They plan to watch a movie and realizes that there is no tv. They end up just making out. As they are making out in crashes Kate and the berserker. Mr. Stilinski offers to take Malia and Scott out to eat. Peter sticks a steel pipe through Argent making him stuck to the wall. Mason confronts Liam about something going on. He offers that he is willing to listen but will not pressure him. Awe great bro moment! Scott wakes up to being carried and thrown by the beserker while Kate is attacking Kira. Scott starts to fight Kate. Looks like he picked up some great new moves. Kira finds a chain and becomes all bad ass with it in a cute skirt and boots. She still ends up getting knocked down by the berserker. Kate wants to know how her family was decimated by Scott. She wants to know what is so special about him. She says she will be taking him to the church. 

Scott and Kira are late to the match. Funny moment with coach. I enjoy the writers of this show as they have fun with making funny jokes and ackward moments. Stiles finds himself being destroyed on the field. Deputy Parrish comes to the rescue of Argent. Argent says to go warn Scott but Parrish refuses to leave him. Stiles leaves the game to see what is going on leaving Liam alone. Liam freaks out on the field and sees a berserker coming at him. Peter shows up to the game. He lets Malia know that he found the desert wolf. He says if she wants the information then she has to kill Kate Argent. Deaton is still out but in walks Lydia. She wants to talk to Deaton with her banshee powers. Brett does a pep talk with Liam because he can smell his fear. Brett meets Liam after. He says Scott is a true alpha and that Liam is lucky to have him. 

Kira wakes up on a bed of bones. She is locked up and calling out for Scott. Parrish is trying to pull the steel out of Argent. Parrish gives an awesome speech to Argent with great background music. The two are able to get the steel out and Parrish eyes turns red. Deaton is awake and says they all have to go to Mexico to save Scott. Kate has Scott tied down to an altar. Scott plans to make Scott into a berserker so his friends will kill him and not realize it is him. 

My Thoughts: Only one more episode to go! Oh no! I think that Lydia's scream was not for Derek. He was not alone in that room. You also have Braeden. I think it is too obvious for Derek to die therefore you know it is not him.
I must tip my hat for how evil Kate is by setting Scott up to be attacked by his own friends. I really want Deaton to share what he saw in his dream state. I look forward to seeing what happened. What are your thoughts and do you think we may have met the Desert Wolf already?

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