Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Smash Bros: Shulk Announced

Hey Everyone,

I am sure we are all patiently waiting for the Smash Bros release. We constantly check the website to see what new character has been introduced. Well, this time we have Shulk, the protagonist of Xenoblade Chronicles. Shulk is seen in the trailer and in pictures as wielding the Monado. The Monado is a mythical sword that can manipulate the ether around it. 

The blade also allows for the power of foresight which we see during the trailer. I wonder how much one will be able to use this in the game. In Xenoblade, Shulk has strength and agility. Looks like Shulk's move set will be based on Monado Arts. Shulk's up Special move is Air Slash. Down special move is "Vision" in which he is able to forsee the opponent's attack, dodges, and counterattacks. 

So will you be using this character and which character are you still hoping to see?

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