Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Resurrection S2 Ep.2 "Echoes"

Recap: Sheriff Langston pours out all his alcohol.  Agent Bellamy doesn't tell Maggie exactly what's going on.  He tells her that he has a new boss and will be staying in town, but he does not tell her that he is one of the "Returned" or that he is supposed to spy on the others.  It turns out that Agent Bellamy and Sheriff Langston are both working for the same person.  They check the woods for signs that Caleb has come back again.  Sheriff Langston tells Elaine her father might be back, but she tells him that he is wrong.  Rachael feels uncomfortable living with Tom, but he insists that it's the best for the baby.  Tom resigns from the church.  His wife suggests he start his own church.  Tom comforts Rachael when she has a nightmare, but he seems uncomfortable being so close to her.  Tom's wife comes home to be with him.  She tries to make the best of the living situation and not give up on her marriage.

Jacob's grandmother tells Agent Bellamy that she feels like she met him before.  Jacob buries a dead bird to see if it will come back to life.  It doesn't.  He contemplates his parents' mortality.  Henry takes his mother to Maggie to get checked out.  Maggie is excited to meet the grandmother she never knew.  She has no sign of the cancer that caused her death.  Agent Bellamy finds Arthur Holmes in Caleb's hunting shack.  He is also one of the "Returned."  He takes him to Maggie for a checkup because he seems ill.  He died back in the 1940s.  Maggie can't understand why he is sick and the others are healed.  Agent Bellamy finally tells Maggie what he is doing for the government.  Arthur Holmes goes missing.  It seems he disappeared the same way Caleb did.  Jacob's grandmother insists that Henry take her to family factory. She is furious that he let the factory go.  He explains that he was so grief-stricken that he was in no condition to keep it running. Jacob's mother is angry when she finds out about his dead birds. Jacob and his grandmother burn up the dead birds. 

Jacob admits to Agent Bellamy that he knows he is "Returned."  He tells Jacob to keep it a secret.  Later, Jacob's grandmother digs up some skeletons at the factory. 

Review: It's clear that Agent Bellamy is struggling with being one of the "Returned."  How many times has he been back?  Tom is struggling with his feelings for Rachael, the unborn child, and his wife.  Jacob's bond with his grandmother is a little creepy.  There is something else going on there that we don't know about yet.  What is the deal with the skeletons??

Nothing was really answered this week, but it sure did get more interesting.  Dead birds.  Skeletons.  Tom's living situation. 

Has Jacob known all along that Agent Bellamy was like him?

Please let me know what your comments or thoughts are.

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