Thursday, October 9, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Faxanadu

Nintendo Overview: You are an adventurer who has just returned to his home town, the Elf town of Eolis, at the base of the World Tree. You find the village in peril—the Elven water supply has dried up, monsters are causing chaos, and the Tree itself, once proud, is slowly wilting. Equipped with the last of the King's money and the trust of the people, you set out to climb the World Tree, braving obstacles, fiends and dangers, to discover the source of this corruption. Wield weapons and magic, get hints from townsfolk, and experience a world of new environments as you ascend to the top of the world! Faxanadu can be considered a side-story of Xanadu, which is the second installment of Falcom's long-running RPG series, Dragon Slayer. The title Faxanadu is a portmanteau formed from the names Famicom and Xanadu.

Another fun game from my childhood. It was released in 1989. Another action rpg where you get to collect items and weapons. They range from long sword, dragon slayer, full suit of armor, and magic shield. Also you get to wield some magic such as fire, thunder, death and tilt. The coolest weapon ever are the wing boots. You get to fly for 30 seconds. Plus they are keys name after cards such as Jack, Queen, King, Joker, and Ace. It was always annoying to try to open a door and only have a Jack key when you need an Ace key. 

At least this game has a saved system. Basically you would enter a church and a guru would give you a long password filled with upper and lower case letters, numbers, and punctuations. So you can imagine my 9 year old self trying to make sure my passwords were clear. The gurus would also give you a new rank depending on your experience points. Overall a great game from my childhood. 

What are your memories of this game?

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Did you enjoy this game as well?

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