Thursday, October 16, 2014

Resurrection S2 Ep.3 "Multiple"

Recap: Pastor Tom finds human bones in the river while performing baptisms.  Since leaving the church, his congregation consists of people that have returned.  Agent Bellamy tells Pastor Tom that he is one of the “Returned” and maybe he was born in Arcadia. Pastor Tom suggests that Agent Bellamy needs to see his old body to grieve for his old self.  

Maggie thinks that the bones found in the river are from people that have returned, but they are from the 1930s. Margaret gives Maggie some insight into why her father Sheriff Langston is the way he is.  Maggie tells her father that people may have returned before.  Jacob goes to school.  Agent Bellamy bargains to get access to his old body.  Carl’s brother returns, but he treats him terribly.  He threatens to reveal the truth about how their parents died.  Carl can’t take to the torment, so he shoots and kills him.  Just as soon as he buries him in the basement, his brother returns again.  Maggie tells Agent Bellamy and her father that the bones from the river may belong to murder victims.  Sheriff Langston realizes that the bones may have been moved from the factory. 

Review: Wow.  So, I guess Margaret moved the bones?  She has some explaining to do.  She said Sheriff Langston is right not to trust the "Returned."  I can’t believe Agent Bellamy gave up the bones just to see his old body.  That was pointless.  

I really want to know who the bones belong to and how the people died.  How funny was it when Carl’s brother came back asking for more steak?!  Good episode.  I hope we learn more about the bones next week. 

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