Thursday, October 16, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Rygar

Nintendo Overview: The year is 19XX A.D. and the human race has been brought to its knees by the resurrected ancient Beast Lord. The people then brought back to life Rygar, a legendary warrior, in order to fight to save the Human race. Armed with a weapon which extends out (Diskarmor), you'll also make full use of your jumping abilities to venture through and clear all 27 stages. Making its appearance in arcades in 1986 as a side-scrolling action game, the game received high acclaim for its beautifully rendered graphics, such as a setting sun and waterfalls. There are also many bonus features such as collecting the 5 Powers of Indra to obtain special bonuses or gaining 1,000,000 bonus points for finding hidden items (Indra’s Book of Secrets). 

This game was one of my favorites even to this day. I have no problem with picking this game up and playing and getting frustrated when I am not moving through the game fast enough. I would like to say this game is a cult classic, well at least to me. Rygar's weapon is the Diskarmor and you will find yourself collecting the grappling hook, wind pulley, crossbow, Coat of Arms, Indora's Armor, and Pegasus Flute. This was such a fun side-scrolling game and I enjoyed playing it with my brothers. I remember trying to use the pulley system and falling off the side and dying. 


I believe I beat this game, I just cannot remember. I always enjoyed the music. It was so easy to hum along to. Looking at the above video I vaguely remember the end so I am just going to claim this as a game I beat. 

Did you enjoy this game as well? 

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  1. Talk about diggin' in the crates!! I remember this game.