Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Resurrection S2 Ep.4 "Old Scars"

Recap: Rachael’s baby is growing double time.  Pastor Tom’s wife says she can stay with them through the duration of the pregnancy.  Margaret and Jacob get Lucille and Henry to agree to a family dinner with the guests they want to invite.  It is the anniversary of the original Jacob’s death and Margaret convinces Lucille that it will make her feel better.  The dinner starts out uncomfortable because Henry invites Barbara at Jacob’s request.  Lucille and Margaret are not happy about her showing up.  Jacob apologizes to Barbara for not being able to save her.  The dinner turns into disaster when Margaret uses Lucille to get Barbara out of there.  She gets Lucille thinking about how all of the family’s problems are Barbara’s fault.  Mixed with a lot of wine, this pushes Lucille over the edge.  She blames Barbara for Jacob’s death.  

Sheriff Langston realizes that Margaret lied to him about not knowing who Arthur Holmes was.  He and Agent Bellamy are starting to piece together the mystery of the bones.  They think they belong to some workers from the Langston Factory.  They both meet at the factory to investigate.  They find the deputy’s brother outside of the factory and he is very ill.  They get him to Maggie who is trying to treat a bunch of other “Returned” who have just come in very ill. Margaret tells Jacob a story that is a metaphor for when there were people that returned when she was a young girl.  She knows how to kill the “Returned” because she helped do it before.

Review: Like I said before, Margaret has some explaining to do.  This whole ordeal with the “Returned” happened before.  She helped kill them several times until they figured out how to keep them dead for good. She has been lying to everyone about how much she knows.  She only tells Jacob the truth through her metaphoric bedtime story.  What will she do with her knowledge of the “Returned?”  Will she ever come clean about what she knows and what she did?

Well, at least we have an idea about the bones.  Can’t wait to see what Margaret’s next move is.  She is very manipulative and deceptive.  She has become the show’s most interesting character this season. 

Please let me know what your comments or thoughts are.

Veronica Fitzpatrick
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