Thursday, October 23, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Battletoads

During all the craziness that was TMNT, Battletoads were born in 1991. Its a classic beat 'em up game starring three toads named Pimple, Rash, and Zitz. The plot of the game is that the Dark Queen has kidnapped two of the battletoads, Rash and Pimple. You take the role of Zitz and it is up to you to save your friends from the Dark Queen.

This game was fun to play as you got to just kick and beat up the creatures. It also was difficult but that is what made it so much fun.  I loved the way the game looked. I thought the colors were bold and beautiful. Plus anytime you kicked or punch that limb would become bigger and made the hit look even better.

I personally hated those stupid snakes which you can see in the video below. Those snakes were the bane of my existence. Plus anytime you had to get on some type of racing vehicle and have to randomly jump and what not cause my brothers and I to get frustrated quickly.

What do you remember about this game?

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