Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Vampire Diaries S6, Ep. 3 "Welcome to Paradise" Recap

Episode starts with Stefan arriving to his job saying he needs a few days off. He roughs up his boss and compels him to show him his dead girlfriend in the trunk and he wants to kill Enzo who killed her. He compels the boss to hide the body and give him the few days off. Caroline lets Elena know that she is not staying at school. Elena is all happy because she forgot about Damon. Jeremy and the chick Elena bit are hanging out at the boarding house. Tyler talks to Liv and Luke about getting some alcohol for the party they are throwing. Stefan shows up to say hi to Elena. In alternate world Bonnie and Damon are food shopping. Cute shopping fighting moment between the two. They are starting to notice differences in their world. A carousel outside the grocery starts up. Bonnie is convinced they are not alone. 

Elena tells Stefan about how she enjoys working at the hospital. Caroline is reminding Enzo to not mention to Elena that she was in love with Damon. The crew is working hard not to remind her of this love. Bonnie believes that there is a way out. She is determined to make him believe that they can get out. Damon's car magically appears in the lot further adding to Bonnie's theory. The party is at a lake with a man made beach. Elena is little miss party girl. She sees Jeremy hooking up with the chick. Elena meet sup with Caroline and calls for Matt and Tyler. She remembers when they used to drink and hang out. Matt and Tyler pass on drinking but Caroline is sad about everything. Elena is left to drink alone. Damon begins to give up and think that they are all alone. Bonnie asks Damon to give her his ring so if he has no hope then he should just end it. She gets fed up and walks away. Damon goes to the liquor store. He finds a guy in there eating pork grinds. He introduces himself as Kai. (I Swear by All 4 One is playing in the background, brings me back!)

Elena tries to set up a guy from her class, Liam, with Caroline but he ends up kissing her instead. He is a little egotistical and he reminds me of Damon. Interesting. Stefan and Enzo have a fight. The guy that Matt brought to the party who is part of the town protection was hunting Stefan but Enzo saved him. Stefan is still determined to kill Enzo. Caroline shows up to stop Enzo from being killed. Damon talks to Kai. He admits to following him and Bonnie. Kai admits to wanting to kill Damon and puts vervain in the bourbon causing Damon pain. Kai begins to torture Damon. Bonnie shows up to stop him. In the heat of the moment Bonnie is able to do magic. She sets the place on fire and Damon is able to knock him out. Enzo shows up with Matt's friend Jay and lets him know that he is a vampire hunter. Caroline confronts Stefan. She begs Stefan to stay for her and he walks away. Elena is there to comfort her. 

A girl Caroline compelled stops when they walk into Mystic Falls. They realize Sara's compulsion did not work and she knows what Elena is. Damon has Kai tied up. Kai claims that he manipulated Bonnie so she can use her magic. Kai lets her know that he magic is going to get them out of there. Matt is upset that Jay was a hunter and he had no idea. Liv finally admits to Tyler that she likes him and then walks away. Sara is AWOL and Jeremy does not know where she is. Caroline moves back into the dorm. Elena finally asks the huge question if Caroline has feelings for Stefan. She admits that maybe she did. Enzo shows up to a bar and ends up being confronted by Tripp but turns it around on him. Stefan shows up and shoots Enzo to take him down. He walks away leaving him to Tripp to dispose of. 

My Thoughts: Bonnie has magic again! I do not trust Kai and hopefully they continue to not trust him. Who is Sara's father? I bet you she is related to someone we do not even realize. I know we should all still love Stefan but he gets on my nerves now. He needs to grow up and be there for Caroline and stop being a selfish jerk. Elena forgetting Damon just makes me mad. I am completely Team Caroline. She should just leave everyone behind because she is the only one making sense. 

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