Friday, October 17, 2014

NYCC: Constantine Pilot and Panel

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NBC's Constantine is set to air on October 24th, 2014 at 10pm. I had the chance to sit down and talk with the stars of Constantine Matt Ryan and Angelica Celaya. They both appeared passionate about their roles and hope for the best from the series. Matt Ryan was very nice and appeared knowledgeable about his character which is a plus. I am sure many fans are always nervous when they see their favorite comic book hero or in this case anti-hero translated to television.

I was able to secure a golden ticket to the Constantine Pilot and Panel. I had an awesome seat and was able settle in and enjoy the pilot.

Pilot Important Moments: The pilot starts with Constantine (Matt Ryan) in an insane asylum. He is bored out of his mind during a group session and notice huge roaches leading a trail to another floor and room. He goes in an notices one of the patients who is possessed by a spirit. He has to speak to the spirit but realizes that the patient was writing a message about someone named Liv is going to die. We then met Liv who is almost killed by her car and electricity. Constantine shows up and tries to talk her into coming with him but she freaks out and runs away. She has a friend from her apartment complex pick her up. She leaves her apartment the next morning to realize her friend has been killed. Plus she finds the symbol of Horus on her door as well as salt on the floor outside the door. She arrives to work to find Constantine and his friend Chas (Charles Halford). Chas place the protection on her apartment. 

It turns out that Liv is the daughter of a recently deceased friend of Constantine. She has the ability to see souls just like her father. Constantine takes her to her father's home and we see Doctor Fate's helmet in the house. Constantine is being followed by an angel named Manny (Harold Perrineau) who wants Constantine to hunt this higher level demon and whatever is coming next. Constantine sets up a trap for the demon and saves the girl. Liv takes off to California to get away from it all. Constantine is now set on the path to save his soul from damnation and to protect others. 

Overall the panel, pilot, and press table were great. I think I will commit to this show and I hope it lasts for sometime. I think fans of the comic will be satisfied with the series. 

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