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The Walking Dead S5, Ep. 1 "No Sanctuary" Recap

Episode starts with a flashback to people in the train car, one of them is Gareth. They question their actions and you hear screaming in the background. Present Day. You see everyone in the train car using everything they have to make weapons. They plan to fight but get knocked out with gas. Everyone is lined up at a trough bound and gagged. They looked like they are lined up to be slaughtered. Blood time. They go down the line by knocking the guys with a bat then slitting their throats. Gareth asks Rick about his bag. He tells him about what is in the bag and how he will use it to kill Gareth. Just as Glenn is about to take a bat to the skull (foreshadowing much?) there is some type of explosion. Carol and Tyrese with the baby are on the train tracks. They are faced with a bunch of zombies and have to move quickly an get off the tracks. The zombies hear gunfire and explosions and go towards it instead. Carol covers herself in zombie debris as she makes her way to terminus. Tyrese stays behind with the guy they tied up that is working for Terminus. 

Useless chatter from the Terminus guy to Tyrese. Carol has made her way to the gate and sees Rick and crew being carried off to be gutted. She shoots the oil tank and blows it up which kills some of the zombies but opens the gate of Terminus for them to stroll right in. Carol is now walking amongst the zombies to get in. Rick was able to get free and stabs their keepers. He gets the rest free as well. Carol whips out her gun and takes a couple people out. We get to see various body parts as they crew of Rick, Bob, Glenn, and Darryl grab weapons. 

Carol notices a watch and a crossbow. She grabs them and keeps moving. Rick is able to grab a gun of a Terminus guy and take them down and leave them to be eaten by the zombies. Carol comes face to face with Mommy Crazy. Apparently in the past Terminus was a sanctuary until people came and did horrible things. They took the place back and it became what it is today. The Terminus guy with Tyrese is able to get to Judith while Tyrese is distracted. He threatens to kill the baby if Tyrese does not go outside.Tyrese takes care of the walkers outside and then rushing in taking down the guy. He beats him but refuses to kill him. Eugene is confronted by the others about the cure in the car and gets a crappy scientific answer. 

The survivors are released and they fight their way out. There is a lot of blood and a lot of violence. Terminus is overrun with walkers. Rick wants to go back and kill everyone left. The group turns around and sees Carol. Great reunion moment between Carol and Darryl (no kiss though). Carol takes them all back to Tyrese who has the baby. Tyrese is reunited with his sister, Sasha. Awe special moment. The group plans to leave and go far away from Terminus. 

Flashback to the past again. A guy grabs someone from the train car and we see an evil man that apparently must have been part of the group that raped and pillaged the town of Terminus. At the end we see Rick's old friend from the home town, Morgan. 

My Thoughts: That damn baby is a liability plus how the hell does the baby have new Uggs on! I have to tip my hat off at the fact that Z-Nation was willing to at least make a zombie baby. Also why is Tyrese such a punk. C'mon son! Tyrese is stronger than that. I enjoyed the blood shed and loved Rick's need for blood. It makes sense, if someone was going to essentially gut me and feed off me I would want to kill them all, burn the place down, and salt the earth after I leave.

The guy at the end that was part of the evil group. I wonder if he was Neegan. What did you think of the episode?

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