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The Walking Dead S5, Ep. 3 "Four Walls and a Roof" Recap

Show starts with Bob winning. He yells that he is tainted meat since he is infected from the zombie bite on his shoulder. Well done Bob, I tip my hat off to you. Anyone who has read the comic remembers when a similar story like this occurred. Sasha is out in the woods looking for Bob and sees a mark on the tree. She also notices that someone is watching her. Rick lets everyone know that Daryl and Carol are missing too. Sasha confronts Gabriel about what is going on. Rick wants to know what he did. Gabriel admits that he locked the doors and when his congregation showed up. He admits that he watched and heard his congregation being killed by the walkers. He buried them. 

Gareth dumps Bob at the church. They bring him in. Rick notices the letter A in blood on the side of church. Bob tells them of being eaten by Gareth's crew. He shows Sasha and the others his bite. Gabriel is able to tell Rick that it sounds like Bob was at an elementary school. Abraham and Rick start fighting once Abraham says he is leaving with Eugene and others should come with him. Rick tells him he is not taking the bus. Glen stops them from fighting. They are able to compromise. Abraham will stay for half a day and then everyone will go with him. The group plan to go face Gareth and his crew. We then see Gareth and his crew headed towards the church now that Rick left. They break in. Gareth lists everyone he knows is in the church. He was going to shoot through the door. Rick shows up and shoots Gareth. They are able to round up the crew. 

Gareth claims that Rick does not have to kill them. He will just walk away but Rick points out that they will come across someone else if they let them go. Rick begins to hack at Gareth which sets the rest of the crew to hack at Gareth's crew. It gets down right bloody and cold. Michonne is reunited with her sword. The church is soaked in blood. Gabriel is in disbelief and says it is the lord's house. Maggie says no it is just four walls and a roof. I like when shows tie in the name of episode. Bob says his goodbye. He says thank you to Rick for letting him in. Sasha and Bob have a moment as dies. Sasha starts to cry and cannot bring herself to kill Bob. Tyrese comes in and takes the knife from her. Tyrese is able to end Bob.  Abraham gives the route they plan to take to DC to Rick. Maggie, Glen, and Abraham's crew leave in the bus. Michonne, Carl, Rick, Sasha, Tyrese, and Gabriel stay back at the church. Rick goes over to help Tyrese dig the graves. Night falls and Michonne is sitting on the steps of church with her sword. Gabriel walks out to join her they talk. Michonne hears a rustling and goes to check it out. She is faced with Daryl who is by himself. Michonne asks where is Carol. He turns and says come out to someone in the woods. 

My Thoughts: I love the bloody fun. They are finally stepping it up! Rick being cutthroat is good to see. I enjoy that. I hope we will see more of the journey that Daryl and Carol went on. I wonder if the person in the woods is Morgan. He is tracking them so he is bound to show up at some point. I really enjoy when we get storyline that is close to comics. That is what I enjoy personally. I hope to have more moments like that. I vote for an appearance of Neegan and Lucille! Who is with me?

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