Sunday, October 26, 2014

Once Upon a Time S4, Ep. 5 "Breaking Glass" Recap

Important Moments: Show starts with the Snow Queen creating an ice person. Elsa, Emma, and Hook are at the jail. Will is harassing them from his cell. Hook is really affectionate with Emma. Elsa finds pictures of Emma that Regina had. Emma is seen talking to the Snow Queen but she cannot remember. Regina asks her mirror to find the Snow Queen so she can unfreeze Marian. Charming is trying to convince Snow that it is okay to leave the baby with Belle while they go on a date.

Past 1998 - Young Emma is in the grocery store where she shoplifts. A girl helps her and covers for her. The girl has a stolen credit card and they end up being chased down in the street but get away. The girl's name is Lily. Present - Emma shows up to talk to Regina about the pictures. Elsa is alone in the car and hears her name. She thinks she can see Anna telling her to help her. She chases after her in the crypt. Regina speaks to the mirror who says he has found the Snow Queen. Snow and Charming are on their date but Charming stops by the police station and notices Will is gone. Regina is out in the forest looking for her. She finds Emma instead. She offers to help Regina. Past - Young Emma is with Lily talking about her home life. Lily claims she is from a home just like Emma. 

Elsa makes a bridge to the Anna that she think she sees. She watches Anna disappear. Snow and Charming are out walking around town. Charming tells Snow to head home as he handles the Will situation. Snow notices Will digging. Regina and Emma are walking through the forest. Emma is trying to have a heart to heart and Regina goes off on her and how she ruined her life and tells to just deal with it. Emma and Lily break into a house and play a video game and hang out. The girl has a start mark on her wrist and she draws one on Emma so they can be just alike. The girl makes Emma promise that they will be friends forever. 

Elsa is running through the forest and sees Anna. She turns and sees the Snow Queen. Anna turns out to be a fake. the Snow Queen shackles Elsa and says she wants to be her friend and teach her. Why are they both wearing a sparkly dress. If you have ice powers you must wear sparkles? Will is digging looking for something. Snow believes the whole Will thing is a charade and pardons his crime. Emma and Regina walk across the snow bridge. They realize that they are trapped on the bridge and Regina questions Sidney's part in it. Past - Emma and her friend Lily are woken up in the house. Emma finds out that Lily has a father and mother. Emma is hurt that Lily lied. Present - Regina and Emma run to get off the bridge as it collapses. Sidney admits to working for the Snow Queen. Elsa is able to break free of the trap by the Snow Queen. Regina and Emma realize that they now have to face a snow knight created by the Snow Queen. 

Past - Lily tells Emma not to be upset with her. She gives Emma her contact information. Emma is very hurt and walks away from the girl. Present - Regina and Emma work together to fight the Snow knight. They sends some pretty awesome magic together and are able to defeat it. Snow Queen shows up. She takes the mirror and begins choking them. Elsa shows up and knocks down the Snow Queen. The Snow Queen is happy that Elsa got over her fear. She disappears. Regina takes off as well. The Snow Queen releases Sidney. She wanted the mirror itself. She wants the dark magic that Regina placed in there. She releases Sidney. The Snow Queen breaks the mirror and places it in a mirror that is shattered and becomes whole and she claims wants a family that loves her. Elsa tells Emma to never give up and keep trying with Regina. Emma shows up and says that they understand rejection and abandonment. She wants to be friends with Emma. Snow and Charming are talking and she realizes that Charming did not let Will out. Emma and Hook are at the police station. She is going through an old box of childhood memories. She shows the video of the girl she knew Lily. The video keeps playing and it was from her next foster home. She realizes that the foster mom is the Snow Queen. 

My Thoughts: Wow so Emma was in the care of the Snow Queen. She was in the real world. I wonder how the whole story will present itself once it is out. Plus I still think we will see Lily again. The fact that we saw the star mark on her wrist was for a purpose. We can identify her now as an adult. I believe there is more to the whole story. I wonder who let Will out and what is his plan. Great show as always. 

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