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The Walking Dead S5, Ep.2 "Strangers" Recap and Review

Show starts with everyone walking. Slow motion walking with serious music for a moment. Tyrese is talking to Carol and letting her know that he is talking to the group and he does not plan to tell them about the girls. Okay I am sorry but this slow motion walking with music is a bit much! Carol tells Daryl that she does not want to talk about it and she just wants to forget. Daryl hears something and stands up but says it is nothing. The viewer sees a shadow. The gang hears a man screaming for help. He is on a rock with walkers all around. The group kills them and the man is saved. They demand answers from him. He pukes and the group just rolls their eyes at his weakness. His name is Gabriel. Rick searches the man and asks his three questions. 

The gang follows Gabriel to his church. They search the place. Abraham wants the bus to continue his mission. Rick wants to take a moment to breathe and gather supplies. The gang plans to make a run for more supplies and drag Gabriel along. Rick lets Carl know that he is never safe and to never let his guard down. Bob is talking about Rick and he says that the cure will happen and Rick needs to be prepared for it. Daryl and Carol are walking with water jugs. Daryl says they can start over. Carol says she wants to. Gabriel takes the group to the food bank. There's a hole in the floor that's filled with walkers and water. They make a plan on how to get down there to the food. 

Michonne, Rick, Gabriel, Bob, and Sasha are in the water fighting the zombies. They are using the shelves to block them. Gabriel makes a run for it. Gabriel is afraid and the group has to save them. A hand shoots out and pulls Bob under but they are able to kill it. The group gets out and has a lot of food. Rick asks Michonne if she misses her sword. She claims she got good by just killing. (In the book she got good because she already had fencing experience. Carl finds scratches and a message saying "You will burn for this." Carl says that it does not mean Gabriel is a bad guy. 

Everyone is sitting down to the feast. Abraham makes a toast to being survivors. Then he takes a step further and says they should be working to get Eugene to DC. The group agrees to go. Tara admits to Maggie that she was with the Governor and just like that she is forgiven. Rick tells Gabriel he knows he is hiding something. Carol is out by the car she found earlier and is giving it a jump. Daryl shows up and a car goes by with the cross on the back. He thinks it is the car that took Beth so he goes and drives off with Carol to chase the car. Bob is walking into the forest. He begins crying. He gets knocked in the back of the head by a man wearing a hoodie. Bob finally wakes up and sees that it is Gareth talking to him. Gareth is mad and he admits that in order to survive they have to hunt. Bob realizes that he is already missing his leg and that Gareth is eating it. 

My Thoughts: Interesting ending. Gareth's group is following Rick's group and plans to stalk and eat them. Spoiler - This is following a storyline loosely that was in the comic. Based off of Bob crying I am guessing he was bit and infected. He was too happy so you know his storyline was going to end. I a sure Gareth did not realize that he was already bit which is what happens in the comics. They did not realize the guy was infected and started eating him. I wonder how this will work out. Spoiler end. 

Hopefully we will see what happened to Beth next story. What did you think of this week's episode?

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