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Once Upon a Time S4, Ep. 4 "The Apprentice"

Episode starts with the notation of a long time ago. A man is sweeping and we meet the sorcerers apprentice he meets with The Dark One. He has the knife that controls The Dark One. He is protecting a box. The hooded man reveals his face he looks like Rumple but is not. him The box repells the man. The apprentice says how every dark one has tried but will not posses what is in the box. Present day we see Rumple with the box and the box transforms into a blue hat like the one Mickey know what I am talking about. Emma asks Hook out and he agrees if she lets him plan the date. Hook shows up to Rumple's store asking for his hand. Rumple tells him that the hand could have a bad influence on him as that hand was from a different man. 

Emma is dressed up for a date. Snow and Charming are happy. Elsa is there as well. Hook shows up for his date. Past - Anna shows up to Rumple's asking for answers. Her parent's actually came to Rumple. Rumple has Anna make a deal to put a potion in a man's tea. Anna goes to see the man and it is the Apprentice from the beginning of the episode. The man is sweeping again. I am waiting for the broom to start dancing. Anna cannot poison the man. Emma and Hook go out to a nice restaurant. Hook's anger gets to him after Will causes a scene. Hook cannot help but stare at his hand is concerned that maybe Rumple was right. Regina is with Henry and she is stressed that she cannot find a cure for Marian. Hook walks Emma home and they have a great kiss. 

Will shows up to the library to break in. Hook shows up and starts a fight with Will. Hook realizes what he is doing and walks away. Past - Anna lied to Rumple but it turns out that it was an antidote that she was supposed to give him. The man is turned into a mouse. Anna runs to the man's home but it was all a test by Rumple. Rumple uses Anna's love for Elsa to get the box. Present - Rumple gets in his car. Hook gets into his car and asks for his hand to be taken again. Rumple says he will do if he makes a deal; Hook agrees as he has no choice and control of himself anymore. 

Emma loses control of her car as she hits an ice patch. She finds the snow queen and chases her down but loses her. Belle finds Will in the library drunk and holding a book. Hook meets Rumple at the docks. He brings a broom that transforms and starts walking. Past - Anna demands to know about her parents. Rumple says her parents were looking for a way to take away the power of Elsa. The box contains a hat that can take away powers. The mouse apprentice knocks the knife and box out of Rumple's hands. Anna has the dagger and demands the box. She asks to be returned back to Arindale, Rumple is mad he lost. Present Day - the broom takes Rumple and Hook to the house of the Apprentice. Rumple brings out the box and makes it into a hat. He uses that hat to suck the man into it.

Past - Anna reunites with Christof. She doesn't know if she will tell her sister that he parents were scared of her. Present - Hook gets his hand taken off. Turns out the hand was not cursed and Hook was doing all those actions by his own choice. Hook now realizes he is trapped in a life long deal with Rumple. Will is now in jail and Emma wants to know what is going on. She found that he grabbed the book of Alice in Wonderland. He had the picture of the Queen of Hearts in his pocket. The gang realizes that the Snow Queen did not appear by the curse. Henry plans on finding out who wrote the book for Regina. He will go under cover by working for Rumple. He says that Henry can be his apprentice. He gives him the broom to sweep. 

My Thoughts: Emma cannot be that involved with everything can she? I understand that she is the savior but that was like two curses ago. It is time for another character to be front and center. I do hope that Regina gets her happy ending. I want her to control the writers of the book. I do feel bad for Will holding on to The Queen of Hearts. Hook should have known better than to make a deal with Rumple. 

I like that they incorporated the Apprentice story and seeing the broom walk made my day. I look forward to whatever twists and turns they add. 

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