Thursday, October 2, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Fester's Quest

Hi Everyone,

I want to start a new weekly video game post. I wanted to take over the Throwback Thursday hashtag (#TBT) and make it about video games. I plan to share with you video games that I enjoyed as a child and any games I just feel like sharing. 

Fester's Quest was a game my brothers and I owned for NES. It was made by Sunsoft and released in 1989. It is a top down view and action shooter but focuses on collecting items and upgrading weapons so it has a little bit of something for everyone. 

We enjoyed the Addam's Family as children. My father loved watching the tv show so we grew up watching it and even some of the old movies. So when a video game came out we knew we had to play. I am not sure if we even choose this game or my parents saw it and just knew we would enjoy it, either way it ended up in our collection. The game starts with Fester enjoying himself relaxing when aliens show up in town and he now has to defend it. He is dressed in his usual garb and is walking around town destroying aliens with either a gun or whip. You can easily level both up by collecting blue gun and whip boosts. You quickly drop a level if you pick up the red ones. Sometimes you will kick a lot of aliens in the same spot and see a lot of blue boosts covered by red and know that you have to walk away from all the goodies. 

The game was unbearably hard as you have to start at the beginning if you die which can cause a kid like me to throw the joystick and walk away from the game. I am not sure if I ever beat the game but it is a game that I look back on nostalgia. Check out the gameplay footage below. 

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