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Once Upon a Time S4, Ep. 9 "Fall" Recap

Rumple is speaking with the Snow Queen about her curse. He says he will not be touched by the spell. He wants to have her spare his wife and grandson. She agrees. The towns people plan to leave town to avoid the spell but realize that it is useless. Elsa finds Anna's necklace. Belle found a way to undo the spell. They believe that they can undo the spell with Anna's hair. Elsa and Emma plan to find Anna. Past - Anna and Kristof become unfrozen. Hans and his brothers try to attack but they get away. Hook and Rumple meet. Rumple plans to get the fairies to power the hat. The fairies are helping to get the cure but Rumple does not care. He wants to save himself and his loved ones. Regina and Henry go to warn Robin about the curse. Robin and Regina share a moment. Emma and Elsa use Anna's necklace to find Anna. The necklace takes them to the library. Past - Anna talks about a wishing star that is associated with Blackbeard. Elsa is led to a wall of rock and Emma suggest they find a safe way to move it. 

Anna and Kristof meet with Blackbeard. They ask about the wishing star. Hans shows up. The scooby gang meet and realize that they can dig through the wall or pull the magic dust out of the necklace which can cause the necklace to be broken. They have to decide to either save Anna or the town. Elsa gives up the necklace but faked them out and plans to go back in the tunnel. Emma delivers the necklace and that is when they all realize it is gone. They now realize it is too late to come up with a spell. Elsa uses magic to get through the wall. They end up on the shore and do not see Anna. Past - Hans set them up for a trap. Blackbeard mentions how he knew her parents. The parents did purchase the wishing star. They can only use the star if you have a pure heart. Hans plans to kill them. 

Blackbeard puts Kristoff and Anna in the trunk. Turns out that they were frozen for 30 years. The timeline is happening at the same time. The trunk is tossed over the water. Emma and Elsa walk on the beach when the necklace stops glowing. Anna and Kristoff work to get free. The trunk lands next to the parents' shipwreck and the bottle. Elsa is holding on to the necklace and wishes for her sister to be with her. The necklace was the wishing star. They realize that something is happening. The trunk comes to Elsa on the shore. Anna and Elsa are reunited. The bottle pops up as well. Rumple is able to get Belle out which sets up Hook to use the hat. There is flashing and all the fairies are suck into the hat while the Blue fairy tries to get away. Hook sucks her in. Elsa, Emma, Anna, and Kristoff show up and see the place destroyed and blame the snow queen. Rumple seals Belle into the shop. He gets the hat back from Hook but does not release them. Kristoff reunites with David. Charming, Snow, have a plan to be seperated by being put into jail. Snow gives the baby to Emma to take care of. They trust her to save them. Hook shows up to talk to Emma. He kisses her goodbye. They all wait for the curse. Regina seals the place of her office so that Henry is safe. Regina seals herself into the vault to keep everyone safe from her. The spell finally hits. The mirror dust gets in everyone's eyes. Snow and Charming let go of each other.

My Thoughts: We need to read that message in the bottle the parents wrote. I want to know what it said. I think we all forgot about that bottle. Also how can Hans just claim Arrindele. Even if Elsa is gone doesn't that just make Anna the rightful heir. Hans has no claim. I am happy we see the stupid bottle at least in this episode.  We do not get to see what is in it but I guess we have to wait longer. 

Overall a great episode. What did you think?

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