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The Walking Dead S5, Ep. 8 "Coda" Recap

Episode starts with Bob the cop on the run trying to get free from his binds. Rick is running and takes the car to chase after Bob. Bob keeps running and Rick hits him with the car hard. I mean I felt it through the tv, geez! Rick says Bob just had to stop. Rick shoots him in the head and says shut up. He hops back in the car and leaves. Cold Blooded and I loved it. Father Gabriel is walking and scavenging. He finds a bible and sees a leg that was cooked and realize that it is Bob's leg. Gabriel takes off when some zombies break free. He comes up to the tree that has been marked. He makes it back to the church and has all the zombies chasing him. He screams for them to let him in. Carl and Michonne work to get the wood off the door to help Gabriel. Now a crap load of zombies come in the church . Michonne does her best to kill them but they are overwhelmed. They get into the chamber and have to crawl out. Gabriel holds them off and is able to get free. I must say I am pissed at him for bringing those zombies there. They lock the zombies in the church.

Rick returns back to the camp. They only have two of the cops. The cops want to live and work with the story that Bob was eaten. Beth talks to Dawn and she opens up about missing her captain. Dawn gives Beth crazy eyes when she talks about her captain losing his way and the need for respect. Michonne asks Gabriel about where he went. He went to the school. The door begins to fail but Abraham shows up with the truck. Eugene is in the back knocked out. Glenn lets Michonne know that Eugene lied. Michonne lets Maggie know that Beth is alive and the group plans to get her back. She is overjoyed. (Do not act like you are happy about your sister. You have not once asked about your sister! You were more concerned with Glenn. Worst Sister Award Winner - Maggie Greene. Dawn talks to Beth who is sitting by the elevator shaft. They are interrupted by another cop who threatens Dawn when he hears about what Beth really did. Dawn was the one that killed her captain and is giving more crazy eyes. Dawn gets into a fight with the other officer. Beth helps and pushes him down the open elevator shaft to be eaten by zombies. 

Beth and Dawn hang out in Carol's room. Dawn offers Beth a drink. Beth talks about how everyone uses everyone in there. Dawn points out that she is not stupid and knows the Beth knows Carol. She says that Beth can be a part of it. Dawn claims she did not use Beth. Carol starts to wake up. Sasha and Tyrese have a talk and he admits to not killing the guy that Sasha ended up killing at the church. Sasha admits that she cannot be the same anymore. They are all in place ready for Rick to meet with the hospital people. Rick meets with two other officers. He says he wants to make a deal. He wants to make an exchange for two of his people. The cops asks where are his people, as a zombie walks up and is taken out with a head shot from the top of a parking deck by Sasha. Rick simply states they are close by. Rick says for them to radio their lieutenant and he will wait. 

Rick and his people are let into the hospital. Beth is getting dressed in her original clothes and hides a pair of scissors in her cast. They set up the exchange in the hallway of the hospital. They do the one exchange of Carol first. Then Rick and Dawn do the individual exchange. Dawn demands Noah. Noah agrees to go back in order to make the exchange work. Dawn says she knew he would be back with a smirk. Beth stabs Dawn and Dawn shoots Beth in the head killing her. Daryl kills her. They offer to let Rick and his crew stay. He says no but makes the offer for anyone who wants to come with him. Abraham and crew show up to the hospital to help. Rick and crew walk out of the hospital. Daryl is carrying Beth's body. Maggie breaks down crying. Sorry too little to late in my opinion. Morgan is still walking and comes up to the school. He sees the supplies from the cannibals. He then comes to the church still following the markings on the tree. He takes a moment to pray and notices a map upon his leaving. He sees Rick's name on it and knows that Rick is still alive. 

My Thoughts: I know some of you will yell at me but I come from the place of reading the comics. I think they need to thin the herd just a little bit more. They are still too cast heavy and some more people need to die. Fun ending just wish I did not have to sit through the first 50 minutes. I think I might just start skipping to the last 15 minutes of the show and save myself some time. Beth's death was at least well done and quick. The death of Dawn was good too. I would have been mad if she lived through all the mess.

Oh and hello what happened with Eugene? We just see his body in the truck. 

I am tired of the Sasha and Tyrese emo sibling conversations. However at least they care for each other and wondered about each other when they were separated unlike Maggie for Beth. Carl does everything it takes to save and care for his sister. Now we get to see Maggie constantly crying for her sister in the upcoming season. What did you think about the episode?

Who do you want to die next?

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