Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Resurrection S2 Ep.7 "Miracles"

Recap: Rachael and Margaret have the same dream about the factory fire. Rachael refuses to take the medication. Tom tries to get Maggie to give Rachael the medication while she is unconscious, but she refuses. Tom convinces Agent Bellamy to use some of his supply on Rachael after he tells him he is one of the "Returned." Maggie catches Tom before he can inject Rachael. Agent Bellamy finally reveals his secret to Maggie. Tom's wife prays for Rachael and she wakes up seeming to be healthy.

Henry starts planning the factory renovation with Brian. Brian takes Margaret to dinner to discuss business. She reveals how she married into the Langston family and her role in the business. She goes back to his home, recognizes his family from pictures and leaves. She finds an upside down cross painted on her door. Carl joins Ray's True Living group, which is increasing in numbers. Ray is infected with the virus.

Review: Looks like Brian's grandfather was one of the Langston factory fire victims. He must be back for revenge. Maggie was hurt that Agent Bellamy didn't trust her with his secret right away. How crazy was it when Tom almost injected Rachael? His wife had faith when he did not.

The virus is starting to infect people that aren't "Returned" now?? Things are about to get crazy! I can't wait until the next episode. Too bad it won't be on until November 30th.

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