Thursday, November 13, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Section Z

Hi Everyone,

This week's Throwback Thursday is Section Z. This game I remember loving and being frustrated with. Section Z is a side-view shoot-em up style game. It was first released by Capcom in the arcade in 1985 and then on NES in 1987. The basic story line is you are an astronaut in the third millennium. You are sent to destroy an alien base that is orbiting the Earth.

NES version had three stages, each with 20 sections, luckily you did not have to visit all sections to complete the game. The first stage begins at Section 00, which is the outer perimeter of the space station and then proceeds to enter Section 01, the first actual corridor of the base. The arcade version went through the alphabelt which made sense when you got to Section Z. At the end of most sections, the player will choose to enter one of two transporters, each taking player to a different section of the base. You are able to upgrade your weapon and even obtain a shield which is sweet. I remember having the astronaut walk across the ground. His little feet were funny and I loved to fly around in circles. Check out the video below for nostalgia.

Remember playing this game?

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