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The Vampire Diaries S6, ep. 6 "The More You Ignore Me, the Closer I Get"

Damon is back. Damon makes Stefan lie about what happened to Bonnie. Alaric tries to get Elena to let him lift the compulsion. He promises not to lift it until Elena asks. Elena told Jeremy over the phone that Bonnie didn't make it. Matt is working for Tripp. He feeds Enzo a small amount of blood to keep him alive. Tripp demands Enzo tell him about all the vampires. Matt finally tells Caroline and Alaric about him being locked up. He also tells them about Ivy being killed. Damon shows up to talk to Elena. She refuses to see him. They do the cliche hand on both sides of the door thing. Elena refuses to open the door despite Damon's begging. She finally unlocks it then takes off out the window. Elena is on the phone with Stefan and explaining that she ran. Elena is working at the hospital and is checking out Jo to see if she is on revaine and that is why she can ignore compulsions. Sarah shows up to Tripp's office demanding for Matt to tell her about the Salvatore line. 

Damon is having a drink in Alaric's office. He unloads him and has his sarcastic wit. Alaric stands on his principle and refuses to undo the compulsion. He leaves in a huff and takes the booze. Caroline and Stefan are walking in the woods as she lays into him for getting rid of Enzo. Damon is hanging out in Elena's dorm room. Jeremy shows up to ask Damon why didn't Bonnie come back. Damon lies to Jeremy saying Bonnie wasn't there. Damon tells Jeremy that Bonnie found peace. Jo knows that Elena and Alaric are vampires. Elena wants to know what Jo is but she appears to not be afraid. Elena believes Jo is a witch but that will just be too easy. Matt finds Ivy's phone in Tripp's office and guesses he knows what Caroline is. Damon calls Jeremy's voicemail to talk to her. 

Elena calls Damon and agree to meet. Tripp shows up to Elena and Caroline's room and tries to capture Damon. Damon goes down. Jo confronts Alaric about their relationship. Alaric tells Jo it is in her best interests to stay away from him as he has to save his brother. Damon is in the back of van with Enzo. Alaric and Stefan set up in the middle of the road to stop Tripp. The whole Scooby Gang plans to stop Tripp from killing Damon and Enzo. Tripp hits the gas and it loses control barrelling towards Mystic Falls. Damon and Alaric are across the border and both are dying. Stefan is watching them. He walks acorss the border to save them. Jo shows up and helps Alaric. Tripp climbs out of the truck and runs off. Stefan drags Damon and Enzo back acorss the border. Jo works on Alaric to keep him alive. He lives despite being on the other side of border line. Caroline tells Elena that Alaric is okay. All the magic stripped away from Alaric and he is no longer a vampire and he is human. 

Matt tells Sarah about Damon and Stefan Salvatore. He says they are vampires. He tells her to run if she wants to be happy. Jeremy is freaking out because he cannot cancel Bonnie's phone. Elena calls Alaric and wants him to know that she is happy that he got to be human again. Elena wants to look at Damon and know that her feelings for him are real. Caroline talks to Stefan and says she doesn't want to be friends anymore. Damon goes to meet with Elena. Elena opens the door to Damon. End.

My Thoughts:

I just wanted to scream at Elena to get her memories back. Now she will have to go to an original to get them back. I still do not think Jo is a witch. I think she is something all together new that we are not aware of. I wonder if she is a distant relative of someone. The border spell works on witch magic like vampirism. There are other types of magic and I think Jo is something we have not met before.

Sarah now knows she is a Salvatore. I wonder if Alaric will move into the boarding home where all the humans seem to be congregating. What were your thoughts?

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