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The Walking Dead S5, Ep. 5 "Self-Help" Recap

Show starts with Abraham and his crew are headed down the road. Rosita and Abraham are flirting and Eugene is staring them down and being creepy.  The bus blows a tire, loses control, and flips over. We see Abraham beating the crap out of another guy and killing him as a flashback in a grocery store. They all work together to get out of the bus and get to freedom. Eugene watches the team kill all the zombies around him. He finally helps Tara. Abraham wants to keep going.  Flashback of Abraham calling for a woman, Ellen, who turns around and has kids with her.

Abraham and the Glen are in a book store. Setting it up as somewhere safe to stay. Abraham and Rosita have sex while Eugene watches from the Self-Help section (name of the episode explained). Eugene admits to Tara that he sabotaged the bus purposely. Tara confronts him as to why he did that. He says he is useless but Tara tells him he is not. She tells him to not tell anyone else what he did. Maggie and Glen share a moment. Flashback to Abraham talking to the woman Ellen. She and the children are scared of Abraham who is covered in blood. Present - Abraham wants to keep moving while Rosita wants to stop and recharge before moving. Abraham sees a fire truck that he plans to take as their new vehicle. They start to pull away but it stops. They realize the tuck was there to block a door to stop the zombies from getting out. Eugene uses the fire hose to knock the zombies down and they lose parts of their parts and are killed.

Flashback of Abraham waking up and realizing that Ellen and the kids left. There is a note telling him not to find them. Present Day - The gang are stranded on the road again as the truck broke down. Foreshadowing moment during the discussion between Maggie and Eugene. She notes that he is reading H.G. Wells because he is not what he seems just like the character in the book. The gang start to smell something horrible. They take a walk to see where the stench is coming from. They realize it is a base filled with zombies. The group tells Abraham no and they they are not going through it. Abraham loses it and drags Eugene and they all start to fight. Eugene admits the truth that he lied and that he is not a scientist.

Everyone is in disbelief about Eugene's lies. He admits that he wanted to get to DC because he figured it was safe. Eugene begins naming all the people that died that got him there. Abraham finally snaps and attacks Eugene. The cut on Abraham's hand has broken open again as it has been doing all episode. Eugene is knocked out and falls down. Abraham breaks down. Flashback - Abraham sees Ellen and the kids have been torn apart by walkers. He rips off his dog tags and about to kill himself but he hears someone screaming for help. It is Eugene. We see when Eugene starts the lie about having an important mission. So in  a way he saves Abraham's life and gives him a reason to live.

My Thoughts: I am happy that they finally revealed that Eugene was lying the whole time. I want to know if anyone actually believed that Eugene was a scientist. I mean I know everyone in that group are not geniuses but come on. Now that I have both read and watched that story line play out, I am still confused how it could have happened. Oh well. Next week we get to see Carol and Daryl.

What are you hoping to see next week?

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