Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Vampire Diaries S6, Ep. 7 "Do You Remember the First Time?" Recap

Elena and Damon speak and he begs her to remember. She sadly does not remember the good in him. She apologizes for not remembering him. Damon shows up to Alaric's hospital bed messing around with him. They have a bro moment. Alaric's doctor, Jo, springs him from the hospital. Tripp has been captured by Matt, Enzo, and Stefan. They want to know who Tripp has been working with. He reveals that Caroline is being tracked. Elena is speaking with Caroline and letting her know that she does not remember loving Damon. Liam and Elena are going to the hospital function together. Bonnie wakes up with Kai there. He is trying to put the key back together so he can get out. She stabs him with a pen and takes off running. Stefan shows up to offer protection for Caroline. Caroline gets a call from her mom saying that she will be killed by Tripp's men if they do not get him back. 

Bonnie raids the pharmacy for pain killers and antibiotics while she works to put the key back together. Damon shows up to crash the party. He notices that Elena is there with Liam. Stefan and Caroline show up to spring Tripp. Enzo points out the obvious that Caroline cares for Stefan. She says she does not want to talk about it. Damon is dancing with Elena after compelling her date away. Damon begs her to remember and Elena flees claiming she needs air. Jo claims she relinquished her powers to get away from her dysfunctional family. Bonnie has made a lot of progress putting the key back together. Kai shows up with the missing piece. She zaps him and runs off but cannot get away. Elena talks to Damon and says she wants to remember. She says she wants to get that piece of her memory back. She thinks if she unwinds the memory backwards that she maybe able to remember. She asks him to take her back to the last place she told him I love you. 

Kai admits that he wants to honestly get his family back. Bonnie decides to give in and use the key to help them go home. Caroline and Stefan do the meet to get Tripp back. Tripp comes across and his neck splits open. Enzo turned Tripp into a vampire so when he crossed the lines he died. Bonnie starts the spell but she moves her magic to the bear and locks her and Kai both in the prison. Damon takes Elena back to the Mystic Falls and when they drove into the bar. Damon starts to recall all the great times they had especially a night in the rain watching a meteor shower. Sadly Elena cannot remember even after all his tries. Elena walks across the town line and gets a flash and Damon runs and grabs her. She says she can get her memories back he doesn't want her to risk killing herself. 

Stefan stops Caroline and asks her about why she has a thing for him. He doesn't understand how he missed it. Stefan apologizes for how he treated her. Caroline is the bigger person and accepts his apology. She says she still hates him for ruining their friendship. She walks away. Elena admits to Damon that she saw bits and pieces. Damon admits that he is happy that she is thriving and she is better off without him. Damon wants her to live her life and says I love you and is letting her go. Damon walks away leaving Elena struggling to remember the one moment about watching starts with him. Alaric is back at Jo's place. He sees a scar on her stomach. She admits her brother tried to kill her when she was a kid...(Kai?). Jo and Alaric begin to hook up. Liam shows up to speak to Elena. He questions all the lies Elena has been spinning and storms out. Damon is walking in the woods and is in the cemetery and drinking. He remembers the night with the stars with Elena. They stood in the rain kissing. She made him promise that they are forever. Damon continues to drink and wander the woods. He walks back to the mausoleum and sees the bear and he realizes that Bonnie is still alive.

My Thoughts: I still do not think Jo is a witch. She is being very cryptic about her past and who she truly is. I think there is way more to her story and no one should believe that she is just an ordinary witch. Or she is one of the people Kai tried to kill.

The Damon and Elena (Delena) scenes were sad but good. I am happy that Damon found the bear and he now has a mission. He will focus all his energy into getting Bonnie back and put the Elena drama on the back burner. What do you hope happens next?

Post by Vikki
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