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The Walking Dead S5 Ep. 6 "Consumed" Recap

Show starts with Carol driving away from Rick when he asks her to leave. She takes up shelter in a building. She sees smoke and takes off to the prison. This is a flashback of her time before she reunited with Tyrese after everyone separated with the downfall of the prison. Present Day - Daryl tells Carol about Beth going missing and seeing the car with the white cross. Daryl wants to follow them to see if they can figure out who the group is and get Beth back. He drove with his headlights off. They abandon the car and take up shelter in a building that Carol claims she is familiar with. It is a shelter for abuse victims, she stayed there with Sophia one time. . The hear banging and realize that its zombies of a mother and child. 

The next morning Carol sees Daryl burning the bodies and giving them peace. Carol tells Daryl thank you. Carol and Daryl make their way downtown where they believe the car was heading. As they make their way though the building we see someone looking at them through a dirty window. They end up in an office building high up. Carol asks him why didn't he ask her about her time with Tyrese and the girls. Daryl says they should just start over. They spot a van with the crosses. Daryl and Carol run into Noah and he takes their weapons and takes off. They chase him down but he gets away. 

Flashback to Carol burning the bodies at the prison. Present day - Carol and Daryl are making their way to the van with the crosses. They check the van and see a lot of walkers coming. They take off and have to fight their way though the zombies. They get overrun and end up trapped in the van. They put on their seatbelts and let the van fall off the bridge. The zombies start to fall as well and die from the impact. Carol and Daryl survive and walk away. Carol and Daryl scout out the hospital. They hear noise and realize Noah is nearby as they hear gun shots and see Noah. Daryl leaves Noah trapped but Carol begs for him to help. 

Flashback to Carol being tired after the ordeal at Terminus. She is wiping all the crap off and is making her way back to Tyrese. Present - They help Noah get free. They realize Noah got out from the place where Beth lives. Daryl watches Carol get hit by the car with the cross. Noah holds him back and says that they will be able to help Carol. Noah says it will take a lot to get her back, bigger guns and people. Daryl says they have that. Daryl and Noah grab a truck and take off from the city. I guess when Daryl comes out of the woods to meet Michonne he brings Noah back with him. I guess we still do not know where Morgan is lurking. 

My Thoughts: Daryl must be really torn up to have lost two chicks. At least now he has his group to go and get Beth and Carol. Frankly they should have went back to get the crew once they realized the hospital would be the most likely place for Beth.

I enjoyed the Carol flashbacks. We saw all that she went through and have to remember that she came from an abusive relationship and has grown so much. She may be over compensating due to the abuse she suffered previously but lets not go to deep with the psychology behind the episode. We will hopefully get some action next episode as Rick and the Scooby Gang storm the hospital and demand their people back.

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