Monday, November 17, 2014

The Walking Dead Vol. 22 "A New Beginning" Review

Amazon Story line: They've survived the walkers. Survived war with a ruthless enemy. And now, in THE WALKING DEAD, hope for the future emerges. A perfect jumping-on point for readers, Volume 22 of the New York Times bestselling graphic novel series marks a new era for THE WALKING DEAD as the survivors pick up the pieces of their shared humanity to create A NEW BEGINNING. In the aftermath of ALL OUT WAR, Rick Grimes and his allies begin to rebuild their communities. But in the world of the dead, tranquility is only temporary. How long will it be before a new, unexpected foe emerges? Find out in A NEW BEGINNING. Collects THE WALKING DEAD #127-132.

My Thoughts: We are all happy that the drama of Neegan is over. Everything is good. Rick runs his land as Maggie runs hers. Rick is a hero to everyone. Carl wants to be more of a normal kid and learn a trade. Everything is right in the world. Yet, Robert Kirkman could not let that be. We could not have our group just be happy. 

I enjoyed seeing everyone return back to as normal life as possible. Seeing Eugene and Rosita with their relationship drama. Seeing Rick, Carl, and Andrea play house was nice. Even having Carl calling Andrea mom was sweet to read. Rick even set up a great system to move a zombie horde using horses which causes them to come across a new group. This new group may cause internal drama but for now they are welcome. I also enjoyed the relationship between Carl and Neegan. That relationship was established in the past and it is good to see it still progressing. 

As always the illustration is wonderful by Charlie Arlard. The last couple of pages were shocking as always. Kirkman knows how to weave a story that leaves you shocked and asking questions. What did you think?

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