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Constantine S1, Ep. 7 "Blessed are the Damned" recap

Show starts with a guy getting out his car and grabbing a creepy box filled with snakes. He brings it into a house. The man plans to do a sermon with dangerous snakes. The man begins doing his sermon and grabs the snake and begins showing it to the congregation. He gets bit and falls out. He dies but magically comes back to life and has a special feather appear in his hand. The congregation immediately surrounds him and he makes a man's leg grow back. They all start praising together. Zed is in an art class and sees snakes around her legs and screams out. The model tries to hit on her, she sets dinner with him for another day. Zed goes to talk to Constantine who informs him about the snakes. They head to Kentucky to check out the miracle preacher. Constantine and Zed have a conversation about faith and their belief and watch as a man with severe burns get healed. They realize that it is not fake. The man starts to Angel Speak and they worry about the consequences. The man who's leg was healed is at the doctor. He is sweating profusely and claiming about being hot. The man's eyes begin to turn red and he kills the doctor.

Zed finally gets in line and touches the preacher. She sees wings. Constantine talks to him and asks where he learned the angel speak but gets a b.s. answer. The man with the leg is walking down the street when a cop pulls over to talk to him. The man attacks and kills the cop and is caught on the police cam. Zed and Constantine question what Zed saw and if it was really an Angel that helped him. Constantine works hard to get the Angel to appear. Manny finally shows up. Manny cannot help but tells him to face the sun. He asks Zed to hum the tune from the Angel speak. They begin to hear more of the tune. They follow it and I must say the tune is very creepy. They find a woman covered by leaves she is in all white and has wings. The Angel says she was carrying a dying man to heaven and says the man pulled a feather and he comes back. She fell to heaven. An angel can die and they worry that Imagen will die as well. This is the first time a mortal was able to pull a feather. 

The police inform the preacher and his sister that Nate (leg guy) is a murder. His sister is sick and refuses to be healed by him. He tells her to leave but she mentions that he has changed and has something heavy on his heart and he needs to deal with it. Constantine shows up to talk to the preacher. He comes out swinging telling him about the angel feather. Constantine tries to take the feather but it protects the preacher and repels Constantine. Zed is pulled out of the tent and is attacked by Nate. Constantine shows up just in time to kill Nate. He became a ghoul. Zed shows up to the preacher and plans to get close to him via a baptism. She grabs the feather as she is dunked but all the ghouls come out. 

Zed makes a run for it to bring the feather to its rightful owner. Manny asks Imagen about pain. He asks about how it felt to have the sun on her face. He is amazed by it. Constantine and the preacher are in the church with the ghouls outside. The preacher finally admits to killing a man. He was actually on his way to hell. The angels talk about taking the world back. Constantine says they cannot give the feather back. Zed puts the feather back on her wing and her wings become black.. The angel is actually one of the Fallen (for those who do not know what that is, those are the angels that were removed from heaven for doing something wrong and are now part of hell.) the angel says thank you and takes off but cannot due to the protection spell. Constantine confronts her and turns out she gave the feather to the preacher. The angel actually killed a mortal and does not want to go back to hell. Manny says he cannot help even though the Angel has Zed by the throat. Manny gets in Zed's body and kills the angel by pulling out her heart. The preacher goes back to his sermon with his sister by his side. Manny tells Constantine that the barrier between hell and earth is becoming thinner due to the rising darkness. Constantine has the heart in a jar. The model calls Zed and agrees to reschedule. The model has a man in the back of his car saying that Zed will come to them soon.

My Thoughts: 
I really want to see what the rising darkness is and what is behind it. I enjoy the relationship between Manny and Constantine. Seeing those two interact is well done. I also like seeing how Manny wants to help but his hands are tied with free will but this time he actually intervened and killed another Angel even if it was a Fallen. Zed's shady past that she is running from appears to be catching up to her. She has been on the run and we see small aspects of it each episode. This episode finally had someone from her past determined to track her down. I think she may have been abused in some way and that is why she is running. I must admit I have not read the comics but I have them and will be reading soon. 

What did you think of the episode?

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