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Once Upon a Time S4, Ep. 11 "Shattered Sight" recap

Show starts with the snow queen looking for help. She seeks the help with fortune teller. She realizes the teller is a charlatan. She realizes that she does not have powers but she plans to wait for Emma. Present Day - the mirror shards are coming down in Storybrooke and everyone is turning on each other. Charming and Snow are fighting. Kristof begins being jerk to Anna. Emma, Elsa, and Anna are all together. Anna recalls the story that the curse comes from. They must kill the Snow Queen. Anna has to stay behind with the baby and watch over the others. Regina is in her vault and wants to get out. She changes her outfit to full Evil Queen attire. Hook shows up and confronts Rumple who tells him to go find Henry. Rumple plans to take Belle and Henry out of Storybrooke. Elsa and Anna confront Snow Queen but they cannot hurt her because of the ribbons. 

Flashback of Emma with the Snow Queen when she was a foster kid. Emma is about run away but Ingrid confronts her. She uses reverse psychology and hints at how she can back at the kid that was harassing her. Emma decides to stay. Present - Elsa and Emma show up to Gold's how and try to find a way to remove the ribbons. Emma thinks the best chance they have is to have Regina hate Emma on a whole other level and have her hatred remove the ribbons of love. Past - Emma and Ingrid are at a carnival using a claw machine. She wins a little stuffed dog with a mood ring. Ingrid filled out the paperwork to adopt Emma. Emma is so happy and tells Ingrid she loves her. Emma uses her magic to take down the containment spell around Regina. They bate Regina and she throws a fire ball which they avoid but let target the ribbons and destroy them. 

Hook shows up to talk to Henry. Henry verbally abuses Hook and pulls a Home Alone by using marbles to make Hook fall and runs away. Elsa and Emma show up to the Snow Queen's place. Past - Ingrid tries to talk to Emma about being Magical. She grabs Emma's hand and they run into the street. Emma yells at her for being crazy. Emma runs away. Present - Regina shows up to the jail. She poofs away Anna and Kristof. She conjurs up swords for both her and Snow to duel with. Past - The Snow Queen shows up in Storybrooke. Present - Emma and Elsa confront the Snow Queen. Ingrid presents the ladies with the memories she took away. They are of the good times and how much they loved her. Past - Emma shows up to the ice cream shop. Emma is freaking out about how she found Ingrid and that she is crazy. Ingrid takes away Emma's memories. Present - Snow and Regina are fighting. Nice epic battle. Anna and Kristof are on the beach. Anna trips on the bottle and knocks out Kristof with it. She finds the letter from her mother in it. 

Anna finds Elsa and reads the letter to her, Emma, and Ingrid. The letter says how her mother loved Ingrid and where to find her to release her. Ingrid chokes Anna. Anna says she will not give up on Ingrid because they are family. Ingrid grabs the letter and watches the memories included with the letter. She realizes she has done something horrible. Ingrid says the only way to stop it is to destroy herself. Ingrid gives them back their memories. Ingrid takes in the mirror shards. It is a very cheesy moment as she says she can have her sisters love and can join them. Elsa tells Anna they must fulfill their mother's last wish. The snow flakes go throughout the town and stop the fighting. Everyone is reunited and happy. Hook shows up and tells Rumple that Henry got away. Hook just asks that Rumple leave Emma and Storybrooke alone. He says he will but he cannot make that promise for the rest of the world. He still plans on leaving.

My Thoughts: 
We did not get to see the rock trolls in the town. We say one as a statue at the beginning of the season but not them alive and rolling around. I really wanted to see them that way. I think the ending of the Snow Queen was too over done. It hurt my teeth with how overly sweet it was. The ending of it was not all that great. The best part of the episode was the fight between Snow and Regina. I actually enjoyed that. Looks like after Frozen is done we will see some of the evil villians such us Ursula, Cruella DaVille, and Evil Queen. I wonder who else we shall see. 

What evil female villain would you like to see?

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