Thursday, December 4, 2014

Resurrection S2 Ep.8 "Forsaken"

Recap: Tensions are high with the virus spreading; forcing some to turn their backs on the "Returned."  Some of the "Returned"are being abandoned at Tom's church.  Ray is sick in the hospital with the virus.  Margaret confronts Brian about being William Kirk's grandson.  She warns him to back out of the factory deal and stay away from her family.  Not knowing about his mother's history with Brian's grandfather, Henry convinces Brian to stay with the deal.  They go to bank and Henry remortgages his house.  

Rachael agrees to let Maggie test her amniotic fluid to see if it can help those that are infected with the virus.  Tom's wife is against this because she fears for the safety of the baby.  Janine takes Rachael away without telling Tom.  Tom finds a journal Janine has been keeping about the baby.  Tom admits to Rachael that he is in love with her and needs to get her away from Janine who has become obsessed with the baby.  Sheriff Langston questions members of Ray's True Living group and the red crosses painted around town.  Agent Bellamy reveals that he is "Returned" in front of Sheriff Langston.  Carl tear gases Tom's church where the abandoned "Returned" are staying.  When Tom runs outside, Carl hits him with his car by accident.

Review: Sorry for the delay in posting this review.  The show wasn't on for a few weeks and I honestly forgot about it.  I'm glad it's back!
Agent Bellamy just doesn't care if everyone knows he is "Returned" now I guess.  This True Living group is stirring up trouble.  They may start trying to kill people; not just scare them.  Janine got a little crazy this episode.  I hope Tom doesn't die.  That would be messed up.

I still don't understand how Ray got the virus.  I wonder if he will survive. 

Please let me know what your comments or thoughts are.

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