Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Resurrection S2 Ep.9 "Aftermath"

Recap: Tom dies from being hit by the car.  Everyone is taking Tom's death pretty hard.  Janine locks Rachael in the house to keep her from leaving.  Rachael hits her over the head and escapes.  Henry tells Maggie that he is going through with the factory deal with Brian.  Margaret tries to get Fred to do something to prevent it, but he refuses.   He ends up getting Henry's money back for him anyway, while exposing Brian's plan to cheat him in retaliation for the fire in the 30s.  Henry confronts Margaret with the truth about the fire and Barbara's disappearance.  He tells her to leave his home. 

The stem cells from Rachael's amniotic fluid seem to work as a cure to the virus.  Agent Bellamy and Maggie go to his government contact to try to get the cure mass-produced.  She tells them she is unable to help them.  Agent Bellamy becomes more ill, but then he and Maggie realize that the government agent slipped them some medicine and some of the old Rachael's amniotic fluid.  Fred arrests Carl for killing Tom.  The True Living show up at Tom's memorial.  Henry gets in a fight with one of the members.  Jacob tells Margaret he wants to go.  They walk off together, while Lucille and Fred frantically look for him.

Review: I am so mad that Tom actually died.  I wonder if he will Return.  Janine went full on crazy when she tried to keep Rachael in the house. Margaret's secrets are coming to light and she is losing allies. Agent Bellamy's government contact seems to have a heart after all. Pretty good episode.  

Is Jacob going to disappear?  Is Rachael going to come back to Arcadia?

Please let me know what your comments or thoughts are.

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