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Sons of Anarchy S7, Ep. 13 "Papa's Goods" Series Finale

Show starts with Jax in bed with Wendy. It almost feels like we have come full circle. Jax is spending time with his kids. Pulling out his old journals and finally trashing those white sneakers and putting on some real boots. Jax heads to TM and pulls out the manuscript from his father. He proceeds to burn old pictures the manuscript, and his journals. Jax goes to visit Opie's grave and leaves his "Sons" rings. He stops by Tara's grave next and leaves his wedding ring. If these aren't the acts of a dead man walking than what are? Jax and crew meet at the table in the back of the porn shop, Red Woody. Jax says he loves you to Lyla. Jax sets it up and gets the leader of the Grim Bastards, TO, patched in. Full leathers no prospect. They do the typical stare down and welcome him in. The club meets with Tyler to properly set up Conner. Tyler points out that Marx is getting out and is concerned that he will be a problem. Conner shows up early and does a drive by resulting in a car chase. He rolls through a creepy factory of dolls. Gets away when the guys have to put the bikes down to avoid hitting a truck.

Nero tries to find Unser but Chucky lets him know that Unser has not been seen since he went to go find Gemma. Nero checks out the trailer and finds the murder board. Jax is hanging on the roof at Red Woody. He sits down to tell Chibs some hard truths. He admits to asking for a Mayhem vote. Chibs is visually upset but Jax asks for his word that he will do as asked. Tig brings up Conner's men. They shoot all but one and tell him to set up the meeting with Conner. D.A. Patterson meets with Sheriff Jarry. They discuss the death of Tara. Patterson inquires about why Jax wants to meet with her. Jarry has no idea. Conner walks into the trap. They ask why and who was he selling the extra Irish guns to. Roarke shows up and they kill him and all his people. They turn to Conner and set up the Mayan deal. It was a quick and simple set up. Well done! Jax points out that he finally severed that Irish tie 20 years after his father attempted. 

Nero meets with Jax at TM. (Chuckie must get tired of people saying give them a minute and kicking him out.) Jax asks Nero to handle some business for him. He is giving Wendy the garage and the houses. He wants Wendy to leave and set up with the kids somewhere else. He admits he should have done that when his wife was alive. Nero asks why is he dong it now and where will Jax be? He says he is leaving and Nero knows why. They both fight not to cry. I like how they talk about Gemma's death but never say the words. Jax admits that this is who he is and cannot change. He asks Nero to promise that his boys get out and do not become what he has become. He tells Nero to tell Wendy everything once he is gone and have Wendy tell his sons the truth of who he is. Jax gets to say goodbye to his sons. 

Jarry meets with Chibs to break things off. He makes a subtle threat and walks away. She should have just kept sleeping with him. Chibs and Tig have a moment and support each other. Jax meets with DA Patterson. He thanks her for trying to help Tara. He says he will tell her everything about Tara's murder. He admits that his mother killed her. He says that Gemma and Unser are in Oregon at her grandfather's house. He admits that all the extra bodies were his fault. He says the violence at the end of the day will be over. She keeps asking him what happens at the end of the day and he parts with saying the bad guys lose. We know what that means. The club meets at the table without Jax. Chibs puts it to a vote for Jax meeting Mr. Mayhem. They all vote yay. It is a true struggle for them all. Symbolic moment of Chibs hitting the gavel and passing it to the empty president seat. Jax shows up to talk to Barosky and shoots him dead without saying a word and walks right back out. The bodies of Gemma and Unser are found. Jax meets up with the homeless lady that has been lurking through out the season. He asks who is she?(Mother to the young girl that was following Jax, She was part of the accident when Jax's father died.) She says its time and hands him a blanket and he walks away. Marx walks out of the courthouse. Jax is under the blanket like a homeless person. He stands up and kills Marx and one of his people before taking off. 

Jax shows up the warehouse. He takes hands the president badge to Chibs and Chibs hands the VP to Tig. Jax puts down his gun and says he is ready. Chibs picks up the gun. He shoots Happy in the arm. It was a set up for Jax to get away. Jax says bye to all the guys and gives them a hug. He gives Happy a kiss on the head. The Tig hug is from the soul. Chibs says bye to his Jackie boy. Jax hops on his father's bike and leaves. Jarry puts an APB on Jax for multiple homicides. Jax stops to talk to the rock wall where his father's initials are. A cop car stops. Jax apologizes and says it is too late for him. He left behind his shades and helmet. He promises that it is not too late for his boys. He ends his speech with I love you Dad.

Jax hops on his bike, takes shot at the cop, the music starts to play (Boots of Spanish Leather is the song) and Jax takes off. End Sequence starts. Wendy, Nero, and the kids head down the highway. Jax is being chased by the cops. The club is sitting drinking and smoking. Tig is with his lady friend for comfort. Chibs is sitting at the table with the president patch in his hand. Abe'ls is riding in the car twirling the smaller Sons ring. The DA shows up and sees Barosky dead. She knows that Jax is tying up loose ends. A truck is coming up 580 East (raven on the sign - symbolism anyone?) Jax is enjoying his ride with a crap load of cops behind him. Camera focuses on the raven flying and we get a bird's eye view over Jax riding. Jax sees the truck heading towards him being driven by the guy that picked up Gemma. Jax lets go of the bike and lets himself go straight into the truck with a smile on his face. 

My Thoughts: 
Brother we have been on a wild ride. Seven seasons means that you became invested in these characters lives. You can say what you want but Sutter was never afraid to kill characters. I am happy that the club did not have to kill Jax but rather he stepped up as his last duty as president was to wipe out all the lingering club problems and then to let himself die. Overall a good ending for the series. I wish he didn't die that way and the symbolism at the end was a bit too heavy but well done Sutter. You wrapped up your series without pissing off your fans too much. People may say the show jumped the shark awhile ago but I do not agree. I think you stayed true to your vision even if the violence was sensationalized. You produced a great show for seven seasons.

Okay SOA fans. What did you think?

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