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The Vampire Diaries S6, Ep. 15 "Let Her Go" Recap

Important Moments: Show starts with young Caroline and her mother. Sheriff Forbes is treating her scratches from falling off her bike. She says she will always need her mother. Caroline wakes up from that dream and everyone is at the house, Tyler, Matt, Elena, Stefan, and Damon. Damon is struggling to write the eulogy. Damon gives words of wisdom about the worst day. Caroline is working on her list of all the things she needs to do. She organizes the group to help with the funeral. Past Bonnie is making the video and she has her magic again and plans to go home. Jo is sick and Ric is caring for her. Kai shows up and says something is wrong and starts puking blood. Kai points out that he may be dying and if he does so does everyone else in the family. Young Damon in the past is talking to Stefan about preparing the speech for his mother. Present has Stefan and Damon talking again before a funeral. Damon tells Stefan to think about what he wants or not pursue Caroline. He tells him to let her be today. 

Caroline blurts out to Elena that she kissed Stefan. Elena says to worry about it tomorrow. Jo is examining Kai. Kai goes crazy and says Jo needs to give him her magic. Turns out there are multiple prison worlds and they will collapse if he dies. In Bonnie's world the eclipse disappears and it starts to snow. Elena tells Damon she is concerned that Caroline is not handling the situation well. Elena gives him courage to finish the speech. He flashes back. Young Stefan is standing over the grave and he is upset that Damon missed the speech. Present Damon finally knows what he wants to say. Ric tells Jo to do what she thinks is right. Stefan shows up to the church. Caroline presses for an answer from Stefan but he tells her that they should talk after she gets through this. (obviously the wrong answer). Caroline walks up to the casket and you see her Mom in her dress blues. Bonnie is confused about what is going on and then we see the northern lights and she goes to a house and realizes that she has been moved to 1903. 

Tyler shows up to the church drunk and Matt tells Tyler him that he can not come in. The minister is doing the sermon and all the cops stand up to pay tribute to her mother. (Tears). Damon delivers the best Eulogy. He is able to make Caroline feel loved by her mother. Caroline gets up and sings a song for her mother. Matt sits down to talk to Tyler who is now sober. Matt shares that he is motivated to become a cop. He grabbed a copy for Tyler. Caroline is ready to leave the grill. She says she needs to be alone and hugs Elena and says thank you for all that she has done. Bonnie is walking around the creepy house which has a picture of Stefan and Damon when they were human. 

Jo does the spell to give her powers to Kai. Bonnie's world shakes and she runs out and ends up in her world. She sees the eclipse is about to end and is running trying to get to the spot so she can try to get out. She does the spell even as she flashes from world to world. She sees a woman who asks who she is just as she is transported out. The woman is dressed from 1903. Kai feels so much better, he says congrats to Jo and whispers something in her ear. He says have a good life and leaves. Jo is pregnant. Ric proposes but turns out he had a ring and was going to propose the whole time. Jo says yes. Stefan tells Damon nice speech. Damon says he failed Stefan for not doing the speech at their mother's funeral. Stefan really thinks that him and Caroline can turn into something good. Stefan plans to tell her and leaves Damon at the bar. Caroline arrives home. (Sad song plays in background). Elena shows up and says she does not believe Caroline is fine. She knows that Caroline is about to turn off her emotions. Caroline believes her experience was different. Caroline points out how everyone escapes grief and she wants to do it. She needs the pain to be gone. Caroline breaks down crying and Elena refuses to let her turn off the switch but Caroline breaks her neck. Damon arrives home and sees Bonnie making pancakes. They hug and bond! Good feels!!! Stefan shows up to Caroline's and sees Elena on the floor and Caroline is gone. Bonnie shows Damon the video of the woman as she was leaving the prison world. It is Damon's mother that was trapped in the other prison world!

My Thoughts: Talk about a tear jerker episode! Jo is pregnant! New generation of Gemini witches anyone? Damon's speech was so well done! Caroline's song was awkward I am not sure why that was even in there. OMG! Great ending! I knew that would be their mother once they focused on her death and mentioned other prison worlds. Now we must find out why she was trapped in the prison world. Is she a witch? What did she do? Why the fake burial in the past? What do you think is going on?

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