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The Walking Dead S5, ep. 13 "Forget" Recap

Important Moments: Sasha heads to the armory. She meets with Olivia who rambles on and decides to head out into the  woods. She brings happy pictures of families from the houses and uses them for shooting practice. After every shot she looks around for walkers. She goes slightly crazy when no walkers show up after she makes the noise of destroying the pictures. Rick, Carol, and Daryl meet in the woods. They discuss how to get their guns to make sure they are ready. They plan to keep it quiet and not tell the rest of the group. He lets them know that his gun that he hid is missing. A walker comes up and they notice a W carved into his head. Michonne is standing looking at herself in the mirror looking at the uniform. Michonne questions Deanna's motives with Rick. Daryl is in the woods and realizes Aaron is in the woods following him. Aaron asks to join him and Daryl grudgingly accepts. Deanna explains to Michonne and Rick to be the police force. Maggie is there and she wants Maggie to assist her.

Rick suggests people walking around and keeping an eye on the wall. They are shocked to find out that the clock tower is not manned. Sasha volunteers to be one of the lookouts. Deanna is hosting a party for the newcomers and that is when Rick and the team plan to get weapons from the armory. Carol is blending well with the other women and notes to Rick that she enjoys being invisible again. Daryl and Aaron come upon a horse that Aaron has been trying to capture for months. Daryl walks up to the horse he almost had him but a group of walkers come up and ruin the beautiful moment. Carol is with Olivia getting supplies and blends in when some guys take guns. Carol unlocks the window during the bustle. Aaron recommends Daryl let people get to know him so people are less scared of him. Rick and crew show up the party. Rick finally gets to meet Deanna's husband who seems to be a wimpy man in my opinion. Aaron and Daryl are still chasing after the horse. Aaron takes out a zombie and the blood splatters on the screen. Daryl and Aaron are sadly too late the zombies take down the beautiful horse. They work together to kill the zombies and eventually put the horse down as it was suffering. Daryl is standing outside the house but didn't go to the party. Aaron spots Daryl and says that it was good that he tried to go in even if he didn't. Rick meets the hair dresser's husband officially (he has the letter A on his hand which was weird but they group has had an encounter with an A before right.....) The recording of the party with people walking right in front of the camera makes me feel like I am watching a bootleg movie btw. It was quite distracting. Rick gets stamped with the letter A from the hairdresser's kid, Sammy.

Sasha finally shows up the party. She meets with Spencer (Deanna's son) she has no social skills and blows him off. Daryl sits down for pasta with Aaron and Eric. Aaron shows Daryl the garage which is filled with motorcycle parts. Aaron lets Daryl know that he wants him to be the other recruiter and for Eric to sit it out. He says he wants him to help because Daryl does know the difference between a good person and a bad person. Daryl says thank you and offers him rabbits in return. Daryl is going to rebuild the bike for when he is on the outside. Michonne and Abraham are talking about not having to fight again on the porch. Carol goes to grab a gun and chocolate. Sammy catches her stealing the guns. She makes Sammy swear that he will not tell anyone. She then scares him by telling him that if he tells then he may wake up one day outside the walls, tied to a tree, far away. The monsters will come and eat him and he will scream while he will still feel it. (she scared the crap out of me!) She then says or he tells no one and he will get lots of cookies. Rick has a moment with Jessie and gives her a kiss on the cheek. (Uh oh) Deanna pulls Sasha in to talk to everyone. She has a flashback to being back on the outside and she has a freak out in the middle of the party. She storms out afterwards. Sasha is standing by the gate the next day. Deanna walks up to her. Sasha says that the town isn't real and Deanna calls her on her bs. Sasha ends up with a gun in the watch tower.

 Rick, Daryl, and Carol are out in the woods. Carol gives them the extra guns. Daryl says no and that he will try. Michonne has put two nails on the wall to hold her sword. She is offcially retired. (fyi - she does the same thing in the comics). Rick has a weird moment when he hears banging from a walker against the wall. He stands with his ear against the wall listening to the sounds of the walker. He was very creepy about it and that is how the episode ends.

My Thoughts: Again another episode that did not entirely piss me off. There are only 3 episodes left. This season went a bit faster than I expected but that could be because I did not enjoy the first 3 or so episodes. I enjoyed seeing Daryl interacting with Aaron. They have great chemistry and I would love to see Daryl back on a bike. Sasha freaking out was so predictable. Frankly I am ready for her to go! Who is with me? Carol is such the evil den mother that she gave me chills. I swear she could slice your throat and then move your body so you were not in the way of her dinner party without blinking an eye. Who is with me that we should be more afraid of Carol than any bad guy on the outside?

What are you hoping to see happen in the next 3 episodes and who do you want to see die?

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