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Mario Party 10 Review

Mario Party 10 is the first Mario Party game released for the Wii U. It was released on 03/20/2015. This new addition to the Mario Party franchise introduces the use of the amiibo.

Mario Party Mode -There are new boards. We have the regular boards - Mushroom Park, Haunted Trail, Whimsical Waters, Airship Central, and Chaos Castle. These boards are different then your typical Mario Party boards. These boards have all four players riding in a vehicle (you can unlock different vehicles with coins you collect as you play). Sadly because you are in the vehicle you have no control over where you are going unless it is on your roll. There are no longer mini games after every round rather you have to land on the mini-game space in order to play. Also you are no longer fighting for the one star on the board. Instead there are rings of stars on spaces through out the board. As you roll you will gain stars as you go past them. This is a high star game now but you can lose stars just as fast as you gain them. While the vehicle concept is cool for the Bowser Mode, it leaves a lot to be desired for the Traditional Mode. I want my mini-games and to fight for one star on the board. 

amiibo Party Mode - This is run more like the traditional Mario Party game when you have mini games after every round. Plus you fight for one star which cost you the typical 20 coins. The addition of the amiibo makes it interesting. You use the amiibo to roll by taping the gamepad. There are boards for every amiibo that is compatible with the game at this time. I did not like how boring the board looks as you can see from the picture.

Bowser Party Mode - This can be an up to five player game with one of the players being Bowser by using the gamepad. The mini-stars are replaced by hearts and Bowser is chasing you down. Everyone rolls the dice and try to get as far away from Boswer as possible and if he catches up the vehicle then a Bowser mini-game is started where players lose hearts if hit. If all hearts are lost then Bowser wins. This mode is fun trying to get away from Bowser but sometimes they stack the game in his favor which I can see players becoming easily frustrated. At that point it is perfectly fine to yell that the game is cheating. 

Mini-Games - They are just as fun as always. Same set up as before with your 3 vs 1, 2 vs 2, and 4 for all. The games are beautifully done and you have to use your logic and reflexes to win.

Mini-bosses - There are mini-bosses on some boards. It is fun to face them as you all have to work together to beat the boss. Though the person with the most hits gets coins as if it is a mini-game. The person who gets the last hit on the boss gets extra points.

Stars - You have the additional stars such as the mini-game star, most traveled, least traveled, etc. 

My Thoughts: This is a great addition to your social gaming library. There is no online mode so invite some friends over and get to playing. It is great to play with friends and family so go pick it up and enjoy. It is also great for kids so parents pick this one up.

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