Sunday, July 5, 2015

AnimeNext Expo 2015 Review

Hi Everyone,

I had the chance to check out Anime Next Expo in Somerset, NJ. The expo was held at the Garden State Convention Center, as well as the adjacent hotel and the hotels in the area. The convention presented a large amount of variety in terms of panels. I had the chance to sit in on a few panels that offered great information from individuals working in the field. 

There was a fun 3DS event. We were able to do a Spot Pass meet up and receive free Nintendo items that ranged from posters, pins, demo cards, and other fun items. We all covet our spot passes and I was happy that they set up this event. I also enjoyed the chance to interview Kira Buckland. You can check out the round table discussion below.

Adults can have fun too. The later in the night the panels become more adult oriented. There was a Hentai, Cosplay Burlesque, and other 18+ oriented panels.

The dealer room and artist alley was as you expected. I wish there was more tshirt companies but I was able to buy a cute plushie and that is all that matters right! I only have a few gripes. There were just too many people and the panel space was too small. The convention has out grown that space and needs a larger space. This is a great thing to have to gripe about frankly. Overall I enjoyed the convention and would recommend it to all Anime enthusiasts.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed our event. Yeah, we did need to move... and we're doing it. Hope you join us down in Atlantic City next year.