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Teen Wolf S5, Ep. 1 "Creatures of the Night" Recap and Review

Show starts with a stupid crow sitting on top of the Eichen House gate. Lydia is locked up in the crazy house and is catatonic. Lydia is creeped on and abused by the workers which reminds me of Terminator 2 with Sarah O'Connor. Lydia flips out and has all these awesome powers. She takes out the workers left and right with her fighting skills, screams, and some type of ability to move people with a force from her hands. As she runs outside she is confronted by Aiden which results in her being distracted and being tased by the guards. She says that she has to tell her friends that they are going to die.

The boys have Liam tied up because of the full moon. He claims that he is in complete control as they let him go Liam shows that he has something carved into his hands. Parish complains to Sheriff Stilinski about being benched and the sheriff gives Parish a noise complaint to go check out. Parish finds a wall in an abandoned house and it sounds like there is someone on the other side. He works to break the person out. He notices blood start to pour out of the wall and something comes out and grabs Parish by the neck. It has blue eyes and Parish's eyes turn yellow in response. The creature says that Parish is not a wolf but he is something. The creature has glowing claws and asks where is Scott McCall. Parish responds that he has never heard of him.

Scott, Stiles, and Liam are in the trusty jeep. Their phones aren't working and the car breaks down. A few close lightening strikes and the car starts working again. Everyone is working together to move a tree. Malia picks it up by herself and Mr. Tate is speechless. The boys stop by and pick up Malia. Mrs. McCall is calling upstairs and realizes that he is not even there but that creepy creature is. Scott gives Liam a pep talk, his hands are torn up do to his nails, and trying to have control. They stop by the hospital and plan to go to the school for everyone to meet up. Some punk kid comes into the precinct and gets upset that he is booked. He ends up screaming that Stilinski is dead. 

Scott stops home and realizes something is off. He notices that the magnets are demagnetized and everything in his house shakes. Parish wakes up with scratches on his chest and steam coming from them. He hallucinates that Lydia is there. In the end he is found by the sheriff. The Sheriff and Mrs. McCall have Parish in the morgue. Parish gets up suddenly and realizes that he is healed and says they need to find Scott.

Kira is stuck in traffic in her parent's car. Scott is on his bike and they meet in the rain and kiss (awe, a bit too cheesy for me). Parish is concerned that the creature can steal a true alpha's powers. The creature shows up at the school and confronts Scott and Kira. Kira whips out a sword from her belt. Fight time! Another person shows up to fight the creature and is thrown aside after a few moves. The creature stabs Scott and his red eyes disappear for a moment but Scott comes back. He breaks the creatures arm and breaks the claws. The creature runs. 

The extra person is Theo a childhood friend who is a werewolf. He plans to move back home and become a part of Scott's pack. The seniors all sign their names on a shelf in the library. Scott signs Allison's initials in remembrance. The creature with the broken arm begs for another chance. Some weird noises are heard from some creepy sci-fi Bio-Shock looking guys. They said the creature was supposed to move the obstacles and is not given a second chance and is killed. Crows rip out of his body. Lydia is back in the hospital and Aiden is asking her what happened. She realizes that he is not real. Lydia says she doesn't remember what happened to her friends but she keep flashes back to all these bad things happening to her friends.

My Thoughts: Great opening of the season. I know we all were waiting for this season to finally kick off as we know there was a tragic death in the lead Tyler Posey's real life. The season appears to be a flashback. We see that Lydia is in the hospital and she is being asked what happened to her friends. We see the flash of most if not all of the scooby gang being killed or leaving. We appear to learn about Parish, Desert Wolf, etc. We all get to know about these people which we were left wondering about at the end of the last season. 

I look forward to this season. They are now seniors and we get to see how this will all play out. They referenced Allison in this episode but come on, we are over her let her just be dead. We also know that Derek left which sucks considering he now has a new ability that I would like to learn more about. Also we have the Steam Punk guys this season. There is just so much going on. What did you think?

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