Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A Video Game Con Review

AVGC stands for A Video Game Con. The event was held on Saturday September 19th at the Parsippany PAL in Parsippany NJ from 10:00am – until the last tournament or musical performance was finished. AVGC was committed to hosting a full convention experience dedicated to both retro and modern video games.  This con was exactly what I needed to satisfy my gaming needs. I arrived on time and the line was moving quickly into the venue. I was granted a press badge and was greeted warmly as soon as I entered by Chris (Media Relations). Chris was helpful throughout the day and made the experience better. 

The games! Wow! There was everything from Atari to current gen! There were indie developers as well. I enjoyed watching people play on the arcade gamepad and realize that they were not nearly as good as they originally thought. I had the chance to play Legend of Zelda for NES to Smash Bros for the Wii U. My favorite game that I got to play by far was an indie game from PXLPLZ, "Robo Puzzler Smash". This game was amazing and I cannot wait to play this more and I plan on challenging the developer to a rematch! 

The vendor room was great for anyone looking to pick up some games or game related items. I was looking for some DS games but unfortunately I did not find anything. Next time I will be better prepared. I do have my GBA so maybe next time I will collect games for that system instead. The panels were great. I especially enjoyed Chipocrite's "How to Make Music w/ Gameboys". I was amazed by the talent and the complexity. The cosplay throughout the Con was well done and I even got to meet the Squid Sisters. 

I only have two complaints. There were only two stalls in the ladies bathroom which was not good at all and that we were given wrist bands instead of badges. I love to collect the badges for the cons that I attend so I was a bit bummed that I do not have a badge from the first video game con. I am sure they will move venues to allow for more space and better electric capacity. 

King of Kong - Billy Mitchell

Overall it was a great con and I truly enjoyed myself. I look forward to watching this con grow.

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