Monday, November 23, 2015

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Review by Jarrett

What is the game you picked up and on what system?
Black Ops 3 (Xbox one)

How is the storyline? 
So I haven't really played the story mode as much as the multiplayer. However I will get around to it at one point. It's the first online campaign mode in which you can play with four friends online.

How are the graphics?
Graphics are great for the game - highly pleased.

Would you recommend this to others and if so why?
It depends if you are looking for a classic COD feel that's not what you are going to get. It is leaps and bounds better than AW and Ghost which is good the online game play is smoother, but the new features are refreshing more than just terrible as in AW. 

Favorite part of the game? 
The different classes in multiplayer that have different story special features so you can have a character tailored to your game play. 

What is the replay value? 
On a scale of 1-10 I'd say 8, 

Did you pick up the game on Day One and if so what made this a day one purchase for you?
I would have picked it up day one, but I got my days confused and picked it up the day after. I don't think there is a big draw to buy a COD game day one except that you can get a jump on leading maps and prestige faster uncovering weapons quicker than the people who picked up the game a day later.

Did you own previous installments of this game and how does it match up with its predecessors? 
Well for predecessors I guess we would be talking about the Treyarch installments of BO1, BO2 and now 3. BO1 of course was the best with the addition of zombie and the great maps and gameplay. BO2 was good in the fact that it was the beginning of futuristic weapons and gameplay but it wasn't over the top and too unrealistic very fun game to play. BO3 so far is another great installment from Treyarch.

Other comments? 
It's been losing its popularity lately with just awful games  like Ghost, AW, etc. BO3 so far has been a huge leap better than the last two COD games. It maybe too early to tell, but so far I give it 3 thumbs up out of 4.

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