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The Walking Dead S6, Ep. 7 "Heads Up" Recap

Episode starts with us watching as Glenn is trapped and able to slide under the dumpster. (Which we all guessed - soap opera death anyone?) The zombies finally trickle away and Glenn is able to pull himself out and Enid throws him a bottle of water from a nearby roof. He climbs into the house and Enid tells him to take a water and go. He tries to find out if Maggie is okay but he gets no answer. She takes off. (waste of time in my opinion. He could just head back to town instead of dealing with a messed up teenager). Back in town - Rick says that he needs to talk to Morgan eventually. Rick sees Maggie standing watching at the top of the wall. Rick shares some inspirational words and moves on that they have to figure out how to get the walkers away. Rick rips down a sign of a prayer circle that Father Gabriel has put up. Rick takes Ron and Carl out to learn how to shoot. (Carl gets annoying with adding in his own personal zen gun toting advice).

Morgan stops by to see Denise. He says he is fine but does not explain why he is there. Rick finds him and wants to talk. Rick talks about the wolves getting him on the RV. Carol is there and they are questioning him about letting people go. Michonne is in on the interview as well. Morgan asks why Rick did not kill him in the past as part of his logic to why he did not kill. They question whether he can hold on to his idea. Michonne questions Rick about not involving the townspeople. She feels as though they should involve them in the plan of drawing off the walkers. Rosita is teaching the townspeople how to deal with a walker. She starts being preachy to Eugene about the hard part is living. Enid is holed up in a restaurant. Glenn shows up and stops her from walking out into the walker infested street. Glenn wants to help her and she is annoying and refuses his help and resorts to pulling a gun on him. 

Glenn takes the gun and tells her to come on and she is still being bratty asking why. More annoying moments between Enid and Glenn. He talks about living and survivors guilt. I am guessing this is the whole theme of the episode. Ron pulls a distraction and grabs some bullets for his gun. Glenn and Enid finally show up and they see all the walkers surrounding Alexandria. Enid wants to walk away but Glenn gives another inspirational speech about fighting to save the world. Rick sees Spencer shimming across a rope over the walkers. He falls like an idiot and Rick tires to pull him up while everyone else shoots at the walker (moment of blood on the camera as always) Tara gives Rick the finger after he yells at her for risking her life to save Spencer. Rick lays into Spencer for his stupid decision.

Morgan shows up again to talk to Denise. He asks about treating an infection and lets her knot that it is not his wound. Carl sees Morgan and Denise exit the house and follows them while holding baby Judy. Sam asks innocent kid questions that talks about killing and becoming a monster. Carol confronts Morgan about keeping someone in the cell. Ron is stalking Carl with a loaded gun. Michonne studies the expansion map. Everyone stops when they see the group of balloons float into the sky as a sign from Glenn. The watch tower then falls and breaks down the walls letting in the walkers.

Fangirl Thoughts: Well we now know what happens to Glenn. It was a bit predictable and I am feeling a little let down. I wish they did kill him, that would have added some spice to the show. I like things not to be predictable. A soap opera death is always annoying to the watcher. If they were supposed to have the watcher feel a connection between Enid and Glenn it fell flat and forced. I enjoyed watching Carol chasing after to find out what Morgan is up to. I did not like them interrogating him. It felt wrong for them to turn on one of their own. I overall was okay with the episode. I am hoping for a very certain moment to happen now in the finale. Everything is set for it to occur so hopefully it happens and the tv network does not back down from it. 

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